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Manually operated FlexShade

MARCH 25, 2024

A new update of the WCMA/CPSC ANSI standard on child safety in window coverings will take effect on June 1, 2024: ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022. This standard requires that stock window coverings must not have cords that could entangle children. When custom window coverings must have cords or chains for operation, the product will be furnished with a hold-down device that is permanently attached and partially disables the product if not installed correctly. This hold-down should be installed with tension on the cord or chain.

This ANSI standard is not the same as the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandatory rule on window covering safety, which was overturned in federal court last year. The WCMA (Window Coverings Manufacturers Association) has developed the ANSI standard in cooperation with the CPSC and has updated it periodically for over 20 years. The newest version of the standard is an important upgrade.

Draper is making significant changes in response to this standard, to help assure that all our customers—even the smallest ones—stay safe.

What our dealers can do:

Encourage customers and specifiers to be prepared. Including this in specifications would help assure that other suppliers won’t bypass this important safety change: “Compliance with ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022 is required for child safety.”

Make note on your bids and quotations that product specification and prices may change on orders shipped after June 1, 2024, in order to comply with the new standard.

Watch for these product developments, which will help everyone stay in compliance with the new standard:

Clutch-Operated FlexShade, FlexShade NEXD, and Techmatic

Clutch-Operated FlexShade, FlexShade NEXD, and Techmatic

Our chain-operated roller shades will be equipped with a new tensioned hold-down device. This device must be correctly installed to the sill, jamb, or wall for the shade to operate correctly. The installation process may take more time when this new hold-down device is used. We’ll provide documentation and video instructions.

In the past, Draper has provided a child-safe hold-down device on all orders for residential dealers, and for commercial customers whenever we were notified that children may be present in the space where the shades are used.

Starting June 1, our new and upgraded child-safe hold-down device will be supplied on ALL orders for bead chain clutch shades (such as the Clutch-Operated FlexShade and Techmatic). This device will maintain tension on the chain.

Other products that comply:

Ascend Cordless Shade

Ascend Cordless Shade

This new cordless shade will have no parts that small children can be entangled in. It is the simplest and most economical way to keep children safe, and convenient for all users.

Coming in May 2024.

Battery and Motorized Shades

Battery and Motorized Shades

Draper offers a growing number of battery and motorized shades, at a variety of price points. Our battery and motorized FlexShade and FlexStyle roller shades have recently been awarded the Best for Kids certification.

Need Help?

Please consult with your Draper sales team if you or your customers have questions about these new requirements. We are preparing a range of educational materials—white papers, video, and classes--to help dealers, specifiers, and end users understand the new regulations and the impact on projects. We’re here for you!

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