Sideways Drawing ZIP Systems

Standard shading system available via our manufacturing partners

There are certain situations when a standard exterior roller shade is not an appropriate solution. It may be a wide opening where intermediate side guide cables or tracks are not possible because of sliding or folding doors. Alternatively, it may be a glazed corner where there there is no mullion. In these cases, a sideways drawing zip system may be an appropriate solution.

With these systems, the roller tube assembly is installed vertically and the fabric panel draws across the opening. With a vertical roller tube, there is a concern that the fabric will slide downwards affecting the appearance of the system but also running risk of damage to the fabric and failure of the system. To address these issues, zip technology is used. As a result, the fabric edges lock into the top and bottom tracks, ensuing that the fabric doesn't slide down the roller tube assembly.

Key Features:

The system can be manufactured with a height of up to 15' and a width / draw of 30' which means that large areas can be shaded by a single system. Two systems can also meet at a corner.

In addition to drawing sideways, the top and bottom guide tracks can also be curved allowing the system to be used to shade curved glazing.

Other configurations are also possible with curved systems. Rather than drawing sideways as shown in the image above, they can also draw up or deploy downwards meaning that these systems can address a wide range of complex shading requirements.

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