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Venetian Blinds by Warema

Solar Control Solutions

You know Draper as the manufacturer of FlexShade Systems, quality window coverings backed by over 110 years' experience. We are excited to introduce our Solar Control Solutions line of architectural shading products. Solar Control Solutions provide precision control over the natural daylight entering the building, excellent energy savings and interesting façade design options. A wide range of custom products complements our traditional window coverings to meet all your needs for interior and exterior shading.

Exterior shading is the most efficient way to keep solar heat gain outside the building envelope. Draper can help develop a system that utilizes both interior and exterior shading to maximize efficiency and occupant comfort, and reduce energy consumption. Each custom solution we provide has specific benefits and features to enhance your overall building design and daylighting needs.

Draper's Solar Control Solutions allow you to control daylight and manage solar heat gain. Using an exterior shading system such as the Venetian Blinds by Warema can significantly reduce the heat gain entering the building, allowing the use of smaller more cost effective HVAC systems. Additionally, artificial lighting can account for more than 40% of a building's electrical load. Balancing daylight and artificial light through the use of the right shading system can lead to significant savings in energy consumption.

Venetian Blinds by Warema

Venetian Blinds by Warema

Venetian Blinds by Warema has excellent view through when the slats are in the horizontal or partially tilted position and provides effective solar, glare and heat control as the slats are tilted to prevent direct sun penetration. These systems can be installed on the interior or exterior as well as between the glass inside a curtain wall. The system is available in both manual (interior only) and motorized versions. Models designed for harsher environmental conditions (sand, dirt, dust) are available. MORE

FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System

FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System

The FlexLouver Rack Arm System is a non-retractable louver system. The louvers can open and close to control solar energy, light and glare. It is very beneficial when light control is important in venues such as galleries or museums. Each system incorporates standard components but is custom designed to meet the specific application requirements. This is a very reliable solution for years of dependable service with minimal maintenance required. It is perfect for difficult glazing problems no matter the slope or angle of the window. The system can be used in just about any glazing situation: horizontal, inclined, vertical, or with any shape of window opening. The FlexLouver Rack Arm System can be used on interior or exterior windows. MORE

FlexShade ZIP™

FlexShade ZIP™

The FlexShade ZIP system is similar to a standard roller shade but incorporates a ’zip’ detail that is welded to the two vertical sides of the fabric panel. The zip edges of the fabric panel run inside inner channels in the side guide extrusions. These inner channels are held inside the side guide extrusion and have cushioning pads to dampen the movement of the fabric panel under wind load. The zip detail prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the side guides making the product highly wind resistant. MORE

s_enn® Shading System

The S_enn® shading system is a unique exterior stainless steel shade with a very clean, modern architectural look. It features roll-formed stainless steel rods welded onto stainless steel tapes that allow the panels to be rolled up like a standard roller shade. The hollow sections are lightweight and spaced to allow excellent view-through while direct light is blocked when the sun is at an angle of 20 degrees or higher. Very wind stable, the system has been tested in a wind tunnel at speeds of up to 80 / 126 kph mph. with no damage so this system can go on the exterior of high rise buildings. The system is warranted in wind speeds of up to 56 mph / 90 kph, dependent on specific project details. MORE


S_onro® Shading System

s_onro® Daylighting Shutter System

s_onro is an exterior roller shutter system made of aluminum slats that are designed to cut out the sun and provide privacy but still allow light and air into the room as needed. This clean, modern look has an architectural feel. As the screen descends into place you control the openness by stopping the descent. The bottom-up closing of the system allows you to have privacy by closing the lower part of the system while leaving the top open to the light. Glare control is automatic since no direct light is possible from a solar angle of 20 degrees or more. When the slats are dropped, they can be put into three positions:

  • Open: Spacing between the slats allows ample light
  • Partially Closed: Starting from the bottom-up the slat spacing can be closed but left open at the top to allow privacy and light
  • Closed: The slats can be shut completely for total privacy.
S_onro offers a clean, modern look with an architectural feel. MORE



Retractable exterior shading system that is made up of a series of fabric panels and can shade large areas of glazing. The system can be used as a sun shade allowing vision to the exterior and may be installed on exterior or interior. The system has spring roller supports every 3-5 ft. It is lightweight—Installs to brackets which offset product from mounting structure. MORE

FlexWave™ Light Shelf

The FlexWave Light Shelf is an architectural element that allows daylight to be reflected deep into the room, reducing the need for artificial light. The system provides shade close to the glazing but also bounces light onto the ceiling. The shape of the upper surface of the FlexWave Light Shelf, together with the highly reflective surface, allows light to be reflected deep into the space creating a bright, well lit working environment. The system can be used with Draper’s Clutch, Motorized or Bottom-Up Flexshades to maximize the usage of daylight while controlling glare for occupants working close to the glazing. MORE


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