Solar Control Solutions

Tailored to meet your project’s needs for heat and glare control

When standard shading systems do not address the requirements of the project at hand, we proudly offer tailored solutions.

Our Solar Control Solutions team is comprised of a dedicated in-house group of architectural consultants, designers, project managers, and manufacturing staff who work with you to develop and build solutions tailor-made for your facility. The possible options are almost limitless.

Choose from one of three basic categories:

Control Systems

Controls are a critical part of your shading system design. Roller shades and venetian blinds can automatically deploy when there is sun on the glazing. The slats of venetian blinds and rack arm systems can move between different tilt angles to prevent direct sun penetration. Roller shades and venetian blinds can also retract if the wind speed is too high for them to be safely used.

Our award-winning IntelliFlex I/O control system is fully capable of all of these things, and more. Integrate with existing building management systems, or build standalone systems. Simple to implement, yet scalable to handle large, complex systems: IntelliFlex I/O can do it all.


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