Immerse yourself in unrivaled image quality in challenging projection environments.

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TecVision Performance Screen Technology is a premium range of projection screen viewing surfaces, meticulously crafted for superior image quality in even the most challenging projection environments. Whether you need pristine whites for dark environments, enhanced contrast in controlled lighting, or ambient light rejection (ALR), TecVision has the perfect solution.

Experience the exceptional quality of TecVision screen surfaces on Draper tab-tensioned electric screens and fixed screen models.

Unmatched Image Quality

Experience stunning clarity and vibrant colors with TecVision surfaces, engineered for the highest optical image quality. Whether for movies, presentations, or gaming, TecVision ensures the best possible picture every time.

  • Supports highest resolutions for sharp details
  • Optimal brightness and contrast with accurate color
  • Uniform optical quality across the entire surface
  • Optically seamless in sizes from 12 feet to 23 feet in height

TecVision surfaces are made in-house at Draper, ensuring full control over the manufacturing process. Rigorous testing guarantees every surface meets exacting standards, delivering unparalleled image quality.

8K and 16K Compatible

Future-Proof Viewing Experience

TecVision surfaces are 8K and 16K ready, handling the latest high-resolution content with ease. Whether enjoying 4K, 8K, or preparing for 16K, TecVision ensures every detail is clear.


Certified Color Accurate

When you see the ISF certification on TecVision surfaces, you know you're getting the highest standard of color accuracy and image quality. This certification means your screen will display colors exactly as they were intended without introducing a color cast, providing a true-to-life viewing experience. Whether you're watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations, you can trust that the colors and details will be vibrant and precise.

The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) is a globally recognized authority in image quality. All TecVision surfaces undergo measurement and testing to earn this certification, ensuring they meet the strictest standards for color fidelity. No other line of viewing surfaces in the AV industry can make this claim.

Certified color accurate by the Imaging Science Foundation

Choose your TecVision Surface

Performance Whites

Select a Performance White surface for dark rooms with controlled lighting. These surfaces deliver pristine, uniform images perfect for home theaters, screening rooms, and spaces where you can control the light.

Premium Greys

Choose a Premium Grey surface for controlled light environments. These surfaces enhance contrast and improve black levels, making them great for multipurpose rooms and spaces with low to moderate ambient light.

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR)

Choose an Ambient Light Rejecting surface in spaces where lighting cannot be controlled. These surfaces reject off-axis light to prevent washout and maintain vibrant, clear images. Perfect for living rooms, conference rooms, and your most challenging projection environments.

What's in the TecVision Name?

Components of the TecVision Name

  • Viewing cone width:  X (extra-wide), M (moderate), C (controlled)
  • Contrast:  T (typical), H (high), S (superior)
  • Gain:  Numeric value (peak gain x 1000)

In this example: TecVision XH900X ALR = extra-wide viewing cone, high contrast, 0.9 gain, Ambient Light Rejecting.


Need a guide? Use our online Projection Planner.

Our free online Projection Planner tool

Input your room and projector details and calculate the perfect surface with our online Projection Planner. It recommends the perfect TecVision surface based on the AVIXA Projected Image System Contrast Ratio (PISCR) Standard and the AVIXA Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems (DISCAS) Standard.

Explore the Projection Planner

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