Projection Planner 2.0

Footcandle & footlambert image

Projection Planner 2.0 has been updated using the latest InfoComm standards and best practices to help you identify the best projection viewing surfaces for your specific application.

Calculations using the AVIXA Projected Image System Contrast Ratio (PISCR) Standard help balance projector brightness, room lighting, and screen surface for a clear image with good contrast. Calculations using the AVIXA Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems (DISCAS) Standard define the optimum screen size for the application.

How to use the Projection Planner 2.0

While we have attempted to make this powerful tool informative and easy to use, it cannot replace the expertise of a Draper representative. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Seating information:
Distance to farthest viewer: (Numbers and decimals only, no fractions)
Off Axis Viewing (Widest angle off center a viewer will sit)
Image information:
AVIXA DISCAS Viewing Category
Element Height (EH) % %   (Element height being viewed expressed as % of overall image height. Recommended 2% - 2.5%)
Recommended image height 54  inches (Calculated with the AVIXA DISCAS Standard)
Aspect Ratio
Image Size
Image Dimensions Diagonal: 110.25 | Height: 54 | Width: 96
Ambient light:
AVIXA PISCR Viewing Category:
Even mix of content with large fonts/basic presentation and small fonts/critical viewing.
Typical ambient light levels found in various room types
How to measure ambient light
At screen
At viewer
Projector information:
Projector lumens used **
Stated contrast ratio
Ultra-Short Throw
Distance to projector
Rear projection:
Acoustically transparent
Display the selected surface families:

Project name:

Project description:


** The projector's stated lumens are reduced by 20% to 25% for calculations to better represent light output over time or with optional optics.

Glossary of terms

fL: Footlambert - A footlambert is the measurement of brightness of one square foot from the illuminated screen.
CR: Contrast Ratio - The ratio of the luminance of white to black. An ANSI contrast ratio is done with a checker board patterned test image where the black and white luminosity values are measured simultaneously.
Half Gain Angle: Half Gain Viewing Angle
Min. Throw Distance: The minimum distance between the projector and surface recommended to maintain focus and white field uniformity.
Element Height (EH) %: Height of an element in relation to the overall image height (refer to AVIXA DISCAS Standard)


Footcandle & footlambert image
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