TecVision is a range of premium projection surfaces that are formulated in-house at Draper and are manufactured in our facility to exacting standards for unparalleled performance and quality. We constantly monitor every step in the manufacturing process to ensure that TecVision surfaces remain within strict tolerances and have the highest projected image quality possible. That is why all TecVision surfaces are ISF certified for color accuracy.

TecVision Properties

  • All TecVision surfaces are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, color accuracy and the broadest possible viewing cone.
  • All TecVision surfaces offer superior quality, consistency, and uniformity.
  • Imaging Science Foundation Certified
  • All TecVision surfaces are ISF Certified for optical color accuracy and fidelity by the Imaging Science Foundation. No other line of viewing surfaces in the AV industry can make this claim.
  • TecVision surfaces include several Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) options which are optimized to reduce the impact of environmental light and maintain image contrast in lighted rooms.
  • TecVision surfaces have better off-axis performance than competition with similar product specifications.
  • TecVision surfaces feature carefully formulated light absorbing dark backing which prevents picture degradation from light behind the screen.
  • 8K ready
  • TecVision formulations are available in acoustically transparent perforated or nanoperforated surfaces.
  • All standard TecVision surfaces are 8K ready. All NanoPerforated TecVision surfaces are 4K ready.

Learn more about TecVision Projection Surface Technology.

In the video below, Tecvision Department Head Scott Blankenship discusses the science behind our TecVision premium projection surfaces, its extensive testing, and ISF certifications awarded to all of our TecVision materials. As Scott says in the video, "the truth is in the numbers."

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Learn more about ISF Certification in our white paper.

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TecVision Surfaces

Optically Seamless Technology

Seams in large projection screen viewing surfaces have been a fact of life for virtually every screen manufacturer (and their customers) for decades. However, we solved the issue of unwanted seams in TecVision surfaces by making them virtually invisible through a process developed by and exclusive to Draper.

With Optically Seamless Technology, TecVision surfaces are available in sizes as large as 23′ high by 67′ wide, depending on the screen model. Screens larger than 12′ high may be fused with the Optically Seamless process. Draper warrants that the fusion will not be seen, with or without projection, from distances of five feet or more.

Watch a video about Optically Seamless Technology.

Watch the video.Click to watch the video.

Learn more about Optically Seamless Technology in our white paper.

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Optically Seamless Technology
Can you find the seam in this photo? It's about an inch above the ruler.

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