TorkStar is an inherently safe, simple lifting system designed to raise and lower a wide range of products commonly used on stages, in gymnasiums and churches and other public venues. It consists of a motor winch and one or more PosiSpools™, connected by a drive shaft and mounted to the ceiling structure. TorkStar utilizes aircraft cable lift lines with a lifting capacity of 500 pounds (227kg) each.

TorkStar eliminates the need for excessive extra top drop on projection screens, or the need for stepladders, scaffolding, or lifts to service other ceiling suspended items.

Use TorkStar to Lift: Projection Screens, Lighting, Speakers, Backdrops, Scenery, Draperies, Curtains, Scrims, Signs, Banners, Flags, Chandeliers, etc. Each TorkStar Line Set is custom-configured for the application. Contact Draper for assistance with your specific requirement.

  • TS1000/TS1000LV Motor Winch: 800 lbs. lifting capacity. 34 feet maximum vertical travel.
  • PS500 PosiSpool™: Up to 500 lbs. capacity per spool/lift line. 34 feet maximum vertical travel.
  • Drive Shaft: 2-3/8˝ O.D. / 2˝ I.D. Schedule 40 pipe.
  • MK500 Beam Mounting Kit: Enables secure attachment of motor winch and PosiSpool to a steel I-beam that is perpendicular to the line set. One required per winch or spool.
  • TS90 Parallel Beam Adapter Plate: Enables attachment of motor winch and PosiSpool to a steel I-beam that is parallel to and directly above the line set. MK500 Beam Mounting Kit also required. One required per winch or spool.
  • Ceiling Flange: Trims ceiling openings for lift lines if installing above false ceiling. One required per lift line.
  • Electrical Cable Management System: Assists in providing power to a motorized projection screen or other product. Adjustable industrial-grade precision cable reel. UL & CSA Listed.
  • Projection Screen Batten: 2.5” O.D. x 13 gauge steel tube.
  • Control: Single gang switch.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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