Fly Cage

Product Description

Draper Fly Cage provides sturdy, dependable, mounting and stacking capabilities for projectors. Manufactured from 2” (5 cm) tubing, it easily attaches to cheeseborough clamps to provide a quick, secure mounting to truss. The Fly Cage allows multiple cages to be stacked for increased projector brightness or redundancy, and provides an adjustment mechanism for precise projector alignment. Available in five sizes: small, medium, large, wide-small, and wide-large. It can also be custom designed to specific sizes.

Product Specs

  • Available in five size ranges: small, medium, large, wide-small, and wide-large with the ability to custom design to specific sizes.
  • Small frame: 40.25" l x 30" w (102 cm x 76 cm). Fits projector sizes: <35" l x <19" w (<89 cm x <48 cm).
  • Medium frame: 43" l x 37" w (109 cm x 94 cm). Fits projector sizes: <35-38" l x <19-26" w (<89-97 cm x <48-66 cm).
  • Large frame: 55" l x 40" w (140 cm x 102 cm). Fits projector sizes: <38-50" l x <26-29" w (<97-127 cm x <66-74 cm).
  • Wide-small frame: 28" l x 35" w (71 cm x 89 cm). Fits projector sizes: <23" l x <24" w (<58 cm x <61 cm).
  • Wide-large frame: 30" l x 41" w (76 cm x 104 cm). Fits projector sizes: <23-25" l x <24-30" w (<58-64 cm x <61-76 cm).
  • Available accessories include: cheeseborough clamps, adapter for attachment to 1.5” NPT steel pipe, and an adapter for single point attachment with clamp.
  • Three-axis adjustment (roll, tilt, yaw) mechanism helps with image alignment.
  • Extremely rigid and strong frame.
  • Pins included to allow cages to be stacked up to three high with ground support. Up to two high when flown.

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Retail Pricing Table

This product is available in many different sizes and configurations, please call for pricing.

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