Contact Closure Interface

IntelliFlex® I/O Contact Closure Interface provides integration for third-party controllers that require contact closures. Configuration is performed by utilizing the onboard programming buttons; no rewiring or external devices are needed. It allows up to six contact closure inputs grouped into three sets of up/down signals to be connected. Each group can control any number of roller shades on an IntelliFlex® I/O network. Flexible control signal options include full movements to motor limits and manual control to intermediate stops. Power and communication provided through the use of a single Ethernet cable. Draper’s online navigational tool offers a transparent step-by-step process to make ordering easier.
  • Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 1” (76 mm x 76 mm x 25 mm).
  • 6 contact closure inputs.
  • Operating temp: ambient.
  • Constructed of ABS plastic.
  • Network Device Connector included.
  • Plenum rated system.
  • Indoor use only.
  • C156.273 - Contact Closure Interface
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