Ceiling/Wall Headbox

Product Description

The extruded Ceiling/Wall Headbox features a fascia panel and top/back cover that conceals shade roller from interior and exterior view. For use with single roller endcaps, the headbox is a two-piece assembly suitable for surface mount to head, jamb, or wall. Available for either manual or motorized FlexShade products.

Product Specs

  • Headbox available in sizes small: 3-15/16" h x 3-7/16" d (94 mm x 87 mm); and large: 4-11/16" h x 4-11/16" d (119 mm x 119 mm), as required.
  • Two-piece assembly is suitable for surface mount to head, jamb, or wall.

ANSI/WCMA A100.1 Compliance

If clutch-operated roller shades are installed in an environment where it's possible that young children will be present, they should comply with ANSI/WCMA A100.1, the Standard for Safety of Window Coverings.

If the shades that you purchase need to comply with this standard, it is your responsibility to inform Draper and opt-in to receive compliant products at time of order.

Compliant window shades will include:

  • Pre-installed spring-loaded chain tension device with bead chain threaded through it
  • Approved permanent warning label attached
  • Approved mechanical fasteners for the tension device included

If the tension device is not installed properly, or becomes unattached from the mounting surface, the shade will be rendered partially inoperable. If installed properly, the tension device will prevent the creation of a hazardous loop and will maintain tension on the bead chain. The tension device and label require tools to be removed.


The testing required by the WCMA for products to comply with safety standard A100.1 includes:

  • UV stability testing - AATCC Test Method 16 for UV Stability
  • Impact testing - ASTM D5420
  • Bead chain durability testing
  • Operation cycle testing - 3,000 cycles per the standard

Draper's spring loaded tension device passed the requirements of these tests.

WCMA compliant hangtag warning label

Part Numbers

  • - Varies by product. See product page or contact Draper for details.


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