Update on Ascend Shades

Ascend Shades

We recently shared a new product announcement with you about the launch of our Ascend cordless shade.

Some of the first Ascend shades that we produced do not meet the high standard that we set for performance of the mechanism. We have tested the components and assembly, and consulted with our engineering and production teams. We have decided that we must take an extended time to review the design and components of this product.

As a result, we are removing the Ascend from the market at this time. We will not quote or sell the product until further notice. It has been removed from DraperOnline and from the draperinc.com and draperathome.com websites.

If you have orders or quotations in house with us for Ascend shades, please contact your sales team. If you have customer inquiries, please consider any of our child-safe manual or battery-operated shades, and feel free to reach out for our help and support.

When we reintroduce the Ascend, it will be the breakthrough cordless shade that we had planned.

Thank you all for your interest and support!

Alternatives to Ascend Shades:

Battery Operated Shades

Battery operation provides provides an easy upgrade path from manual window shades to motorized: no electrician required! Battery operated shades install just like manual shades, and use the same brackets.

Crank Operated FlexShade

Crank-Operated FlexShade provides precision control to easily raise or lower window shades to exact desired height. The crank handle can be permanently mounted or detached to limit shade access.

Clutch-Operated Shades

Shades operated manually with a bead chain clutch. All Draper clutch-operated shades are available with a tensioned holddown device for child safety, in compliance with the 2018 ANSI/WCMA A100.1 standard.

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