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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Ultimate Access XL E

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Ideal for major venues, conference centers, ballrooms, or university classrooms, the free-hanging, ceiling-recessed Ultimate Access XL E electric projection screen accommodates larger screen sizes. During use, a second motor opens the lower panel upward into the case allowing the screen to descend into the room. Retracted, the projection screen completely conceals behind a smooth, lower panel in the ceiling with no exposed screw heads or fasteners. Installation of the case during the initial phase of construction eliminates job site damage, allowing for installation of the screen later.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
189"100" x 160"Matt White XT1000E144001$9125
Contrast Grey XH800E144001EC$9125
198"105" x 168"Matt White XT1000E144002$9607
Contrast Grey XH800E144002EC$9607
222"117 1/2" x 188"Matt White XT1000E144003$9912
Contrast Grey XH800E144003EC$9912
255"135" x 216"Matt White XT1000E144004$11211
Contrast Grey XH800E144004EC$11211
278"147 1/2" x 236"Matt White XT1000E144005$11641
Contrast Grey XH800E144005EC$11641
307"162 1/2" x 260"Matt White XT1000E144006$11814
Contrast Grey XH800E144006EC$11814
Format: HDTV
184"90" x 160"Matt White XT1000E144007$9125
Contrast Grey XH800E144007EC$9125
193"94 1/2" x 168"Matt White XT1000E144008$9607
Contrast Grey XH800E144008EC$9607
220"106" x 188"Matt White XT1000E144009$9912
Contrast Grey XH800E144009EC$9912
248"121 1/2" x 216"Matt White XT1000E144010$11211
Contrast Grey XH800E144010EC$11211
270"133" x 236"Matt White XT1000E144011$11641
Contrast Grey XH800E144011EC$11641
300"146" x 260"Matt White XT1000E144012$12392
Contrast Grey XH800E144012EC$12392
Format: NTSC
200"118" x 158"Matt White XT1000E144013$9125
Contrast Grey XH800E144013EC$9125
210"126" x 168"Matt White XT1000E144014$9607
Contrast Grey XH800E144014EC$9607
220"132" x 176"Matt White XT1000E144015$9730
Contrast Grey XH800E144015EC$9730
230"138" x 184"Matt White XT1000E144016$9819
Contrast Grey XH800E144016EC$9819
240"141" x 188"Matt White XT1000E144017$9912
Contrast Grey XH800E144017EC$9912
250"148" x 198"Matt White XT1000E144018$10690
Contrast Grey XH800E144018EC$10690
270"162" x 216"Matt White XT1000E144019$11211
Contrast Grey XH800E144019EC$11211
24' 7"177" x 236"Matt White XT1000E144020$11641
Contrast Grey XH800E144020EC$11641
27' 6"194" x 260"Matt White XT1000E144021$12728
Contrast Grey XH800E144021EC$12728
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