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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Access FIT E

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Engineered with compact housing less than 6” tall, the Access FIT E electric projection screen fits tighter ceiling spaces making it ideal for boardrooms, training rooms, universities, and churches. Free-hanging screens maintain flatness due to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. Placement of the ceiling-recessed case during the initial phase of construction eliminates job site damage and allows for installation of the screen at a later time. The bottom access panel provides easier service and maintenance.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000E139037$2869
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139037EC$2869
Contrast White XH1100E139037EG$2869
Argent White XH1500E139037EH$2869
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139037SA$6603
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139037SB$6603
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000E139038$2907
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139038EC$2907
Contrast White XH1100E139038EG$2907
Argent White XH1500E139038EH$2907
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139038SA$6686
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139038SB$6686
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000E139039$2939
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139039EC$2939
Contrast White XH1100E139039EG$2939
Argent White XH1500E139039EH$2939
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139039SA$6756
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139039SB$6756
123"65" x 104"Matt White XT1000E139040$2951
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139040EC$2951
Contrast White XH1100E139040EG$2951
Argent White XH1500E139040EH$2951
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139040SA$6786
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139040SB$6786
137"72 1/2" x 116"Matt White XT1000E139041$2987
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139041EC$2987
Contrast White XH1100E139041EG$2987
Argent White XH1500E139041EH$2987
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139041SA$6871
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139041SB$6871
Format: HDTV
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000E139027$2869
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139027EC$2869
Contrast White XH1100E139027EG$2869
Argent White XH1500E139027EH$2869
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139027SA$6290
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139027SB$6290
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000E139028$2892
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139028EC$2892
Contrast White XH1100E139028EG$2892
Argent White XH1500E139028EH$2892
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139028SA$8080
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139028SB$8080
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000E139029$2907
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139029EC$2907
Contrast White XH1100E139029EG$2907
Argent White XH1500E139029EH$2907
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139029SA$8400
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139029SB$8400
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000E139030$2939
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139030EC$2939
Contrast White XH1100E139030EG$2939
Argent White XH1500E139030EH$2939
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139030SA$8528
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139030SB$8528
119"58" x 104"Matt White XT1000E139031$2951
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139031EC$2951
Contrast White XH1100E139031EG$2951
Argent White XH1500E139031EH$2951
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139031SA$8598
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139031SB$8598
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000E139032$2987
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139032EC$2987
Contrast White XH1100E139032EG$2987
Argent White XH1500E139032EH$2987
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139032SA$8812
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139032SB$8812
Format: NTSC
7'50" x 66 1/2"Matt White XT1000E139017$2822
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139017EC$2822
Contrast White XH1100E139017EG$2822
Argent White XH1500E139017EH$2822
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139017SA$6486
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139017SB$6486
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000E139018$2889
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139018EC$2889
Contrast White XH1100E139018EG$2889
Argent White XH1500E139018EH$2889
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139018SA$6640
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139018SB$6640
10'69" x 92"Matt White XT1000E139019$2949
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139019EC$2949
Contrast White XH1100E139019EG$2949
Argent White XH1500E139019EH$2949
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139019SA$8538
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139019SB$8538
11'78" x 104"Matt White XT1000E139020$3017
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139020EC$3017
Contrast White XH1100E139020EG$3017
Argent White XH1500E139020EH$3017
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139020SA$8902
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139020SB$8902
150"87" x 116"Matt White XT1000E139021$3044
Pearl White CH1900ECall
Contrast Grey XH800E139021EC$3044
Contrast White XH1100E139021EG$3044
Argent White XH1500E139021EH$3044
ClearSound White Weave XT900E139021SA$8952
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E139021SB$8952
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