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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Access MultiView E

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The ceiling-recessed, free-hanging Access MultiView E electric projection screen offers a dual-masking system with two different aspect ratios. It features the ability to quickly convert from one screen size to another to create a new viewing format. Free-hanging, fiberglass-backed projection screens maintain flatness thanks to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. Installation of the case during the initial phase of construction eliminates job site damage, allowing for installation of the screen at a later time.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: CinemaScope to HDTV
103"40 1/2" x 95"Matt White XT1000E106081$3566
Contrast Grey XH800E106087$3566
Contrast White XH1100E106081EG$3566
Argent White XH1500E106081EH$3566
Pearl White CH1900E106081EJ$3566
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106090$8052
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106093$8052
115"45" x 105 3/4"Matt White XT1000E106082$3637
Contrast Grey XH800E106088$3637
Contrast White XH1100E106082EG$3637
Argent White XH1500E106082EH$3637
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106091$8607
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106094$8607
132"52" x 122"Matt White XT1000E106083$3684
Contrast Grey XH800E106089$3684
Contrast White XH1100E106083EG$3684
Argent White XH1500E106083EH$3684
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106092$9572
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106095$9572
Format: HDTV to NTSC
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000E106001$3544
Contrast Grey XH800E106041$3544
Contrast White XH1100E106001EG$3544
Argent White XH1500E106001EH$3544
Pearl White CH1900E106001EJ$3544
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106017$6998
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106057$6998
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000E106002$3601
Contrast Grey XH800E106042$3601
Contrast White XH1100E106002EG$3601
Argent White XH1500E106002EH$3601
Pearl White CH1900E106002EJ$3601
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106018$8133
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106058$8133
123"60" x 107"Matt White XT1000E106003$3637
Contrast Grey XH800E106043$3637
Contrast White XH1100E106003EG$3637
Argent White XH1500E106003EH$3637
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106019$8607
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106059$8607
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000E106004$3684
Contrast Grey XH800E106044$3684
Contrast White XH1100E106004EG$3684
Argent White XH1500E106004EH$3684
ClearSound White Weave XT900E106020$9572
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E106060$9572
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