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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Luma 2 with AR

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The Luma 2 with AR wall- or ceiling-mounted, manual spring-roller projection screen’s AutoReturn feature eliminates damage caused by the screen banging into the case as it accelerates upward. A simple pull of the handle and the AutoReturn feature automatically retracts the projection screen. It slows the return as the screen approaches its upper limit and enters the case. This free-hanging, fiberglass-backed projection screen maintains flatness thanks to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. Engineered with heavy gauge components to provide years of dependable operation, the Luma 2 with AR is an attractive, practical choice wherever a large, manual spring-roller projection screen is required.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000E206207$708
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206206$814
Contrast White XH1100E206207EG$814
Argent White XH1500E206207EH$814
Pearl White CH1900E206207EJ$814
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000E206210$846
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206209$972
Contrast White XH1100E206210EG$972
Argent White XH1500E206210EH$972
Pearl White CH1900E206210EJ$972
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000E206233$878
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206234$1010
Contrast White XH1100E206233EG$1010
Argent White XH1500E206233EH$1010
Pearl White CH1900E206233EJ$1010
123"65" x 104"Matt White XT1000E206213$924
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206212$1062
Contrast White XH1100E206213EG$1062
Argent White XH1500E206213EH$1062
137"72 1/2" x 116"Matt White XT1000E206216$1142
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206215$1314
Contrast White XH1100E206216EG$1314
Argent White XH1500E206216EH$1314
165"87 1/2" x 140"Matt White XT1000E206219$1358
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206218$1562
Format: HDTV
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000E206165$708
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206169$814
Contrast White XH1100E206165EG$814
Argent White XH1500E206165EH$814
Pearl White CH1900E206165EJ$814
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000E206196$818
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206198$940
Contrast White XH1100E206196EG$940
Argent White XH1500E206196EH$940
Pearl White CH1900E206196EJ$940
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000E206166$852
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206170$980
Contrast White XH1100E206166EG$980
Argent White XH1500E206166EH$980
Pearl White CH1900E206166EJ$980
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000E206204$878
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206203$1010
Contrast White XH1100E206204EG$1010
Argent White XH1500E206204EH$1010
Pearl White CH1900E206204EJ$1010
119"58" x 104"Matt White XT1000E206162$924
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206164$1062
Contrast White XH1100E206162EG$1062
Argent White XH1500E206162EH$1062
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000E206112$1146
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206159$1318
Contrast White XH1100E206112EG$1318
Argent White XH1500E206112EH$1318
161"79" x 140"Matt White XT1000E206113$1358
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206160$1562
Format: NTSC
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000E206107$702
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206151$808
Contrast White XH1100E206107EG$808
Argent White XH1500E206107EH$808
Pearl White CH1900E206107EJ$808
10'69" x 92"Matt White XT1000E206108$846
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206152$972
Contrast White XH1100E206108EG$972
Argent White XH1500E206108EH$972
Pearl White CH1900E206108EJ$972
11'78" x 104"Matt White XT1000E206109$1024
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206157$1178
Contrast White XH1100E206109EG$1178
Argent White XH1500E206109EH$1178
150"87" x 116"Matt White XT1000E206110$1142
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206158$1314
Contrast White XH1100E206110EG$1314
Argent White XH1500E206110EH$1314
15'105" x 140"Matt White XT1000E206111$1464
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206229$1684
Contrast White XH1100E206111EG$1684
Argent White XH1500E206111EH$1684
Format: AV
50" x 50"50" x 50"Matt White XT1000E206095$656
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206143$754
Contrast White XH1100E206095EG$754
Argent White XH1500E206095EH$754
Pearl White CH1900E206095EJ$754
60" x 60"60" x 60"Contrast Grey XH800E206144$800
Matt White XT1000E206096$696
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast White XH1100E206096EG$800
Argent White XH1500E206096EH$800
Pearl White CH1900E206096EJ$800
70" x 70"70" x 70"Matt White XT1000E206097$736
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206145$846
Contrast White XH1100E206097EG$846
Argent White XH1500E206097EH$846
Pearl White CH1900E206097EJ$846
84" x 84"84" x 84"Matt White XT1000E206098$804
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206146$924
Contrast White XH1100E206098EG$924
Argent White XH1500E206098EH$924
Pearl White CH1900E206098EJ$924
72" x 96"72" x 96"Matt White XT1000E206099$846
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206147$972
Contrast White XH1100E206099EG$972
Argent White XH1500E206099EH$972
Pearl White CH1900E206099EJ$972
96" x 96"96" x 96"Matt White XT1000E206100$892
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206148$1026
Contrast White XH1100E206100EG$1026
Argent White XH1500E206100EH$1026
Pearl White CH1900E206100EJ$1026
9' x 9'108" x 108"Matt White XT1000E206102$1138
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206226$1308
Contrast White XH1100E206102EG$1308
Argent White XH1500E206102EH$1308
7' x 9'84" x 108"Matt White XT1000E206101$1080
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206149$1242
Contrast White XH1100E206101EG$1242
Argent White XH1500E206101EH$1242
10' x 10'120" x 120"Matt White XT1000E206104$1284
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206227$1476
Contrast White XH1100E206104EG$1476
Argent White XH1500E206104EH$1476
8' x 10'96" x 120"Matt White XT1000E206103$1174
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206150$1350
Contrast White XH1100E206103EG$1350
Argent White XH1500E206103EH$1350
9' x 12'108" x 144"Matt White XT1000E206105$1464
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206225$1684
Contrast White XH1100E206105EG$1684
Argent White XH1500E206105EH$1684
12' x 12'144" x 144"Matt White XT1000E206106$1480
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E206228$1702
Contrast White XH1100E206106EG$1702
Argent White XH1500E206106EH$1702
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