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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Truss-Style Cinefold Dress Kit

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Enhance visual presentations, Truss-Style Cinefold Dress Kit features a drapery system that creates a memorable theater-like experience. By framing the viewing surface, the rich black velour drapes draw the audience’s focus toward the presentation on the screen. Dress kits are especially useful for rear screen presentations. In addition to framing your presentation, the velour curtains hide projection equipment, shield projector light from the audience, and help eliminate ambient light in the projection area.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: HDTV
10' x 17'9' x 16'Black velour222045$2853
11' x 19'10' x 18'Black velour222046$3321
12' 3" x 21'11' 3" x 20'Black velour222047$4086
14' 6" x 25'13' 6" x 24'Black velour222048$4326
Format: NTSC
7' x 9'6' x 8'Black velour222005$1818
8' 6" x 11'7' 6" x 10'Black velour222006$2700
10' x 13'9' x 12'Black velour222007$2936
11' 6" x 15'10' 6" x 14'Black velour222008$3162
13' x 17'12' x 16'Black velour222009$3401
16' x 21'15' x 20'Black velour222010$3897
19' x 25'18' x 24'Black velour222011$4526
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