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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Silhouette V

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The electric, tab-tensioned, wall- or ceiling-mounted Silhouette V projection screen presents a smooth, slender case with a contemporary design. Screen and dowel retract completely inside this stylish case with no exposed mounting fixtures or fasteners. Tab-tensioned screens offer a perfectly flat viewing surface for better image quality. RF welded tabs create a more durable seal that eliminates separation and stickiness.
Motor Options
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
76"40" x 64"Matt White XT1000VB107338$2667
Grey XH600V107343$3067
Pure White XT1300V107338FN$3067
CineFlex CH1200V107338CB$3379
CineFlex White XT700V107338CD$3379
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107338SC$3334
TecVision XH700X Grey107338TD$3274
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107338TY$3274
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107338TZ$3679
TecVision XH900X ALR107338TE$3274
TecVision MS1000X ALR107338TC$3274
TecVision CS1000X ALR107338TA$3274
TecVision CS1200X ALR107338TB$3274
TecVision XT1000X White107338TF$3274
TecVision XT1100X White107338TG$3274
TecVision XT1300X White107338TH$3274
TecVision XT1600X White107338TJ$3274
TecVision XT1800X White107338TK$3274
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107338TR$3679
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107338TS$3679
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107338TN$3679
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107338TT$3679
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107338TU$3679
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107338TV$3679
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107338TW$3679
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107338TX$3679
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107338TL$3679
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107338TM$3679
85"45" x 72"Matt White XT1000VB107339$2857
Grey XH600V107344$3286
Pure White XT1300V107339FN$3286
CineFlex CH1200V107339CB$3567
CineFlex White XT700V107339CD$3567
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107339SC$3572
TecVision XH700X Grey107339TD$3626
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107339TY$3626
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107339TZ$4011
TecVision XH900X ALR107339TE$3626
TecVision MS1000X ALR107339TC$3626
TecVision CS1000X ALR107339TA$3626
TecVision CS1200X ALR107339TB$3626
TecVision XT1000X White107339TF$3626
TecVision XT1100X White107339TG$3626
TecVision XT1300X White107339TH$3626
TecVision XT1600X White107339TJ$3626
TecVision XT1800X White107339TK$3626
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107339TR$4011
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107339TS$4011
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107339TN$4011
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107339TT$4011
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107339TU$4011
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107339TV$4011
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107339TW$4011
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107339TX$4011
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107339TL$4011
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107339TM$4011
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB107340$2979
Grey XH600V107345$3426
Pure White XT1300V107340FN$3426
CineFlex CH1200V107340CB$3699
CineFlex White XT700V107340CD$3699
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107340SC$3724
TecVision XH700X Grey107340TD$3929
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107340TY$3929
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107340TZ$4313
TecVision XH900X ALR107340TE$3929
TecVision MS1000X ALR107340TC$3929
TecVision CS1000X ALR107340TA$3929
TecVision CS1200X ALR107340TB$3929
TecVision XT1000X White107340TF$3929
TecVision XT1100X White107340TG$3929
TecVision XT1300X White107340TH$3929
TecVision XT1600X White107340TJ$3929
TecVision XT1800X White107340TK$3929
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107340TR$4313
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107340TS$4313
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107340TN$4313
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107340TT$4313
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107340TU$4313
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107340TV$4313
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107340TW$4313
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107340TX$4313
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107340TL$4313
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107340TM$4313
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB107341$3052
Grey XH600V107346$3511
Pure White XT1300V107341FN$3511
CineFlex CH1200V107341CB$3781
CineFlex White XT700V107341CD$3781
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107341SC$3816
TecVision XH700X Grey107341TD$4308
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107341TY$4308
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107341TZ$4693
TecVision XH900X ALR107341TE$4308
TecVision MS1000X ALR107341TC$4308
TecVision CS1000X ALR107341TA$4308
TecVision CS1200X ALR107341TB$4308
TecVision XT1000X White107341TF$4308
TecVision XT1100X White107341TG$4308
TecVision XT1300X White107341TH$4308
TecVision XT1600X White107341TJ$4308
TecVision XT1800X White107341TK$4308
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107341TR$4693
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107341TS$4693
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107341TN$4693
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107341TT$4693
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107341TU$4693
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107341TV$4693
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107341TW$4693
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107341TX$4693
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107341TL$4693
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107341TM$4693
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB107403$3072
Grey XH600V107405$3532
Pure White XT1300V107403FN$3532
CineFlex CH1200V107403CB$3801
CineFlex White XT700V107403CD$3801
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107403SC$3841
TecVision XH700X Grey107403TD$4439
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107403TY$4439
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107403TZ$4823
TecVision XH900X ALR107403TE$4439
TecVision MS1000X ALR107403TC$4439
TecVision CS1000X ALR107403TA$4439
TecVision CS1200X ALR107403TB$4439
TecVision XT1000X White107403TF$4439
TecVision XT1100X White107403TG$4439
TecVision XT1300X White107403TH$4439
TecVision XT1600X White107403TJ$4439
TecVision XT1800X White107403TK$4439
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107403TR$4823
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107403TS$4823
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107403TN$4823
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107403TT$4823
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107403TU$4823
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107403TV$4823
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107403TW$4823
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107403TX$4823
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107403TL$4823
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107403TM$4823
Format: HDTV
73"36" x 64"Matt White XT1000VB107320$2667
Grey XH600V107326$3067
Pure White XT1300V107320FN$3067
CineFlex CH1200V107320CB$3356
CineFlex White XT700V107320CD$3356
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107320SC$3334
TecVision XH700X Grey107320TD$3214
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107320TY$3214
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107320TZ$3597
TecVision XH900X ALR107320TE$3214
TecVision MS1000X ALR107320TC$3214
TecVision CS1000X ALR107320TA$3214
TecVision CS1200X ALR107320TB$3214
TecVision XT1000X White107320TF$3214
TecVision XT1100X White107320TG$3214
TecVision XT1300X White107320TH$3214
TecVision XT1600X White107320TJ$3214
TecVision XT1800X White107320TK$3214
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107320TR$3597
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107320TS$3597
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107320TN$3597
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107320TT$3597
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107320TU$3597
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107320TV$3597
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107320TW$3597
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107320TX$3597
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107320TL$3597
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107320TM$3597
82"40 1/2" x 72"Matt White XT1000VB107321$2857
Grey XH600V107327$3286
Pure White XT1300V107321FN$3286
CineFlex CH1200V107321CB$3567
CineFlex White XT700V107321CD$3567
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107321SC$3572
TecVision XH700X Grey107321TD$3551
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107321TY$3551
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107321TZ$3936
TecVision XH900X ALR107321TE$3551
TecVision MS1000X ALR107321TC$3551
TecVision CS1000X ALR107321TA$3551
TecVision CS1200X ALR107321TB$3551
TecVision XT1000X White107321TF$3551
TecVision XT1100X White107321TG$3551
TecVision XT1300X White107321TH$3551
TecVision XT1600X White107321TJ$3551
TecVision XT1800X White107321TK$3551
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107321TR$3936
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107321TS$3936
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107321TN$3936
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107321TT$3936
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107321TU$3936
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107321TV$3936
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107321TW$3936
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107321TX$3936
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107321TL$3936
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107321TM$3936
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB107250$2979
Grey XH600V107302$3426
Pure White XT1300V107250FN$3426
CineFlex CH1200V107250CB$3699
CineFlex White XT700V107250CD$3699
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107250SC$3724
TecVision XH700X Grey107250TD$3834
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107250TY$3834
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107250TZ$4218
TecVision XH900X ALR107250TE$3834
TecVision MS1000X ALR107250TC$3834
TecVision CS1000X ALR107250TA$3834
TecVision CS1200X ALR107250TB$3834
TecVision XT1000X White107250TF$3834
TecVision XT1100X White107250TG$3834
TecVision XT1300X White107250TH$3834
TecVision XT1600X White107250TJ$3834
TecVision XT1800X White107250TK$3834
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107250TR$4218
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107250TS$4218
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107250TN$4218
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107250TT$4218
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107250TU$4218
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107250TV$4218
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107250TW$4218
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107250TX$4218
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107250TL$4218
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107250TM$4218
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000VB107397$3014
Grey XH600V107401$3466
Pure White XT1300V107397FN$3466
CineFlex CH1200V107397CB$3737
CineFlex White XT700V107397CD$3737
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107397SC$3767
TecVision XH700X Grey107397TD$4024
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107397TY$4024
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107397TZ$4408
TecVision XH900X ALR107397TE$4024
TecVision MS1000X ALR107397TC$4024
TecVision CS1000X ALR107397TA$4024
TecVision CS1200X ALR107397TB$4024
TecVision XT1000X White107397TF$4024
TecVision XT1100X White107397TG$4024
TecVision XT1300X White107397TH$4024
TecVision XT1600X White107397TJ$4024
TecVision XT1800X White107397TK$4024
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107397TR$4408
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107397TS$4408
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107397TN$4408
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107397TT$4408
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107397TU$4408
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107397TV$4408
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107397TW$4408
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107397TX$4408
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107397TL$4408
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107397TM$4408
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB107251$3052
Grey XH600V107303$3511
Pure White XT1300V107251FN$3511
CineFlex CH1200V107251CB$3781
CineFlex White XT700V107251CD$3781
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107251SC$3816
TecVision XH700X Grey107251TD$4188
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107251TY$4188
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107251TZ$4573
TecVision XH900X ALR107251TE$4188
TecVision MS1000X ALR107251TC$4188
TecVision CS1000X ALR107251TA$4188
TecVision CS1200X ALR107251TB$4188
TecVision XT1000X White107251TF$4188
TecVision XT1100X White107251TG$4188
TecVision XT1300X White107251TH$4188
TecVision XT1600X White107251TJ$4188
TecVision XT1800X White107251TK$4188
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107251TR$4573
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107251TS$4573
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107251TN$4573
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107251TT$4573
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107251TU$4573
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107251TV$4573
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107251TW$4573
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107251TX$4573
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107251TL$4573
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107251TM$4573
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB107409$3072
Grey XH600V107411$3532
Pure White XT1300V107409FN$3532
CineFlex CH1200V107409CB$3801
CineFlex White XT700V107409CD$3801
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107409SC$3841
TecVision XH700X Grey107409TD$4303
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107409TY$4303
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107409TZ$4686
TecVision XH900X ALR107409TE$4303
TecVision MS1000X ALR107409TC$4303
TecVision CS1000X ALR107409TA$4303
TecVision CS1200X ALR107409TB$4303
TecVision XT1000X White107409TF$4303
TecVision XT1100X White107409TG$4303
TecVision XT1300X White107409TH$4303
TecVision XT1600X White107409TJ$4303
TecVision XT1800X White107409TK$4303
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107409TR$4686
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107409TS$4686
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107409TN$4686
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107409TT$4686
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107409TU$4686
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107409TV$4686
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107409TW$4686
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107409TX$4686
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107409TL$4686
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107409TM$4686
Format: NTSC
7'50" x 66 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB107248$2671
Grey XH600V107300$3071
Pure White XT1300V107248FN$3071
CineFlex CH1200V107248CB$3359
CineFlex White XT700V107248CD$3359
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107248SC$3339
TecVision XH700X Grey107248TD$3461
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107248TY$3461
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107248TZ$3844
TecVision XH900X ALR107248TE$3461
TecVision MS1000X ALR107248TC$3461
TecVision CS1000X ALR107248TA$3461
TecVision CS1200X ALR107248TB$3461
TecVision XT1000X White107248TF$3461
TecVision XT1100X White107248TG$3461
TecVision XT1300X White107248TH$3461
TecVision XT1600X White107248TJ$3461
TecVision XT1800X White107248TK$3461
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107248TR$3844
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107248TS$3844
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107248TN$3844
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107248TT$3844
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107248TU$3844
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107248TV$3844
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107248TW$3844
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107248TX$3844
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107248TL$3844
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107248TM$3844
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB107249$2974
Grey XH600V107301$3421
Pure White XT1300V107249FN$3421
CineFlex CH1200V107249CB$3696
CineFlex White XT700V107249CD$3696
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107249SC$3717
TecVision XH700X Grey107249TD$4114
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107249TY$4114
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107249TZ$4499
TecVision XH900X ALR107249TE$4114
TecVision MS1000X ALR107249TC$4114
TecVision CS1000X ALR107249TA$4114
TecVision CS1200X ALR107249TB$4114
TecVision XT1000X White107249TF$4114
TecVision XT1100X White107249TG$4114
TecVision XT1300X White107249TH$4114
TecVision XT1600X White107249TJ$4114
TecVision XT1800X White107249TK$4114
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107249TR$4499
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107249TS$4499
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107249TN$4499
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107249TT$4499
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107249TU$4499
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107249TV$4499
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107249TW$4499
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107249TX$4499
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107249TL$4499
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107249TM$4499
10'72" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB107245$3049
Grey XH600V107297$3506
Pure White XT1300V107245FN$3506
CineFlex CH1200V107245CB$3776
CineFlex White XT700V107245CD$3776
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V107245SC$3811
TecVision XH700X Grey107245TD$4689
TecVision XH800X UST ALR107245TY$4689
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf107245TZ$5073
TecVision XH900X ALR107245TE$4689
TecVision MS1000X ALR107245TC$4689
TecVision CS1000X ALR107245TA$4689
TecVision CS1200X ALR107245TB$4689
TecVision XT1000X White107245TF$4689
TecVision XT1100X White107245TG$4689
TecVision XT1300X White107245TH$4689
TecVision XT1600X White107245TJ$4689
TecVision XT1800X White107245TK$4689
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf107245TR$5073
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf107245TS$5073
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf107245TN$5073
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf107245TT$5073
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf107245TU$5073
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf107245TV$5073
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf107245TW$5073
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf107245TX$5073
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf107245TL$5073
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf107245TM$5073
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