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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Silhouette E

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The wall- or ceiling-mounted, electric Silhouette E presents slender dimensions with a contemporary design. A sleek, curved aluminum case with a white finish and matching endcaps. It features easy installation with no exposed fasteners or mounting fixtures. This free-hanging, fiberglass-backed projection screen maintains flatness thanks to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. The screen and dowel retract completely inside the case providing a streamlined look.
Motor Options
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
67"35 1/4" x 56 1/2"Matt White XT1000E108350$1330
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108355$1330
Contrast White XH1100E108350EG$1330
Argent White XH1500E108350EH$1330
Pearl White CH1900E108350EJ$1330
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108350SA$4256
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108350SB$4256
76"40" x 64"Matt White XT1000E108351$1367
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108356$1367
Contrast White XH1100E108351EG$1367
Argent White XH1500E108351EH$1367
Pearl White CH1900E108351EJ$1367
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108351SA$4373
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108351SB$4373
85"45" x 72"Matt White XT1000E108352$1420
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108357$1420
Contrast White XH1100E108352EG$1420
Argent White XH1500E108352EH$1420
Pearl White CH1900E108352EJ$1420
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108352SA$4544
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108352SB$4544
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000E108353$1445
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108358$1445
Contrast White XH1100E108353EG$1445
Argent White XH1500E108353EH$1445
Pearl White CH1900E108353EJ$1445
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108353SA$4621
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108353SB$4621
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000E108354$1500
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108359$1500
Contrast White XH1100E108354EG$1500
Argent White XH1500E108354EH$1500
Pearl White CH1900E108354EJ$1500
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108354SA$4799
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108354SB$4799
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000E108410$1527
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108412$1527
Contrast White XH1100E108410EG$1527
Argent White XH1500E108410EH$1527
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108410SA$4883
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108410SB$4883
Format: HDTV
65"31 3/4" x 56 1/2"Matt White XT1000E108300$1330
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108306$1330
Contrast White XH1100E108300EG$1330
Argent White XH1500E108300EH$1330
Pearl White CH1900E108300EJ$1330
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108300SA$4256
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108300SB$4256
73"36" x 64"Matt White XT1000E108301$1367
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108307$1367
Contrast White XH1100E108301EG$1367
Argent White XH1500E108301EH$1367
Pearl White CH1900E108301EJ$1367
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108301SA$4373
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108301SB$4373
82"40 1/2" x 72"Matt White XT1000E108302$1420
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108308$1420
Contrast White XH1100E108302EG$1420
Argent White XH1500E108302EH$1420
Pearl White CH1900E108302EJ$1420
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108302SA$4544
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108302SB$4544
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000E108322$1445
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108326$1445
Contrast White XH1100E108322EG$1445
Argent White XH1500E108322EH$1445
Pearl White CH1900E108322EJ$1445
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108320$4641
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108318$4641
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000E108392$1472
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108394$1472
Contrast White XH1100E108392EG$1472
Argent White XH1500E108392EH$1472
Pearl White CH1900E108392EJ$1472
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108391$4741
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108390$4741
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000E108323$1500
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108327$1500
Contrast White XH1100E108323EG$1500
Argent White XH1500E108323EH$1500
Pearl White CH1900E108323EJ$1500
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108321$6540
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108319$6540
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000E108400$1527
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108402$1527
Contrast White XH1100E108400EG$1527
Argent White XH1500E108400EH$1527
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108406$6773
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108408$6773
Format: NTSC
6'42 1/2" x 56 1/2"Matt White XT1000E108220$1320
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108276$1320
Contrast White XH1100E108220EG$1320
Argent White XH1500E108220EH$1320
Pearl White CH1900E108220EJ$1320
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108220SA$4228
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108220SB$4228
7'50" x 66 1/2"Matt White XT1000E108221$1360
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108277$1360
Contrast White XH1100E108221EG$1360
Argent White XH1500E108221EH$1360
Pearl White CH1900E108221EJ$1360
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108221SA$4349
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108221SB$4349
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000E108222$1429
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108278$1429
Contrast White XH1100E108222EG$1429
Argent White XH1500E108222EH$1429
Pearl White CH1900E108222EJ$1429
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108240$4719
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108296$4719
10'69" x 92"Matt White XT1000E108223$1492
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108279$1492
Contrast White XH1100E108223EG$1492
Argent White XH1500E108223EH$1492
Pearl White CH1900E108223EJ$1492
ClearSound White Weave XT900E108241$6613
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E108297$6613
Format: AV
50" x 50"50" x 50"Matt White XT1000E108214$1290
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108270$1290
Contrast White XH1100E108214EG$1290
Argent White XH1500E108214EH$1290
Pearl White CH1900E108214EJ$1290
60" x 60"60" x 60"Matt White XT1000E108215$1304
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108271$1304
Contrast White XH1100E108215EG$1304
Argent White XH1500E108215EH$1304
Pearl White CH1900E108215EJ$1304
70" x 70"70" x 70"Matt White XT1000E108216$1329
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108272$1329
Contrast White XH1100E108216EG$1329
Argent White XH1500E108216EH$1329
Pearl White CH1900E108216EJ$1329
84" x 84"84" x 84"Matt White XT1000E108217$1442
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108273$1442
Contrast White XH1100E108217EG$1442
Argent White XH1500E108217EH$1442
Pearl White CH1900E108217EJ$1442
72" x 96"72" x 96"Matt White XT1000E108218$1472
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108274$1472
Contrast White XH1100E108218EG$1472
Argent White XH1500E108218EH$1472
Pearl White CH1900E108218EJ$1472
96" x 96"96" x 96"Matt White XT1000E108219$1547
Chroma Key GreenCall
Contrast Grey XH800E108275$1547
Contrast White XH1100E108219EG$1547
Argent White XH1500E108219EH$1547
Pearl White CH1900E108219EJ$1547
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