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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for ShadowBox Clarion

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The wall-mounted ShadowBox Clarion projection screen features the advantage of a fixed frame screen. Snaps are utilized to attach the viewing surface onto the back of the extruded aluminum frame. This keeps the surface taut providing a truly flat viewing surface for sharper image quality that is perfect for residential, corporate, or educational settings. The black frame provides a border around the perimeter of the viewing area and presents a theater-like, finished appearance. It also reduces border reflection and makes image alignment easier during installation.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000V253124$1102
Grey XH600V253123$1267
Pure White XT1300V253124FN$1267
CineFlex CH1200V253126$1302
CineFlex White XT700V253124CD$1302
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253124SC$1377
TecVision XH700X Grey253124TD$2052
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253124TY$2052
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253124TZ$2435
TecVision XH900X ALR253124TE$2052
TecVision MS1000X ALR253124TC$2052
TecVision CS1000X ALR253124TA$2052
TecVision CS1200X ALR253124TB$2052
TecVision XT1000X White253124TF$2052
TecVision XT1100X White253124TG$2052
TecVision XT1300X White253124TH$2052
TecVision XT1600X White253124TJ$2052
TecVision XT1800X White253124TK$2052
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253124TR$2435
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253124TS$2435
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253124TN$2435
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253124TT$2435
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253124TU$2435
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253124TV$2435
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253124TW$2435
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253124TX$2435
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253124TL$2435
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253124TM$2435
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000V253128$1365
Grey XH600V253127$1570
Pure White XT1300V253128FN$1570
CineFlex CH1200V253130$1610
CineFlex White XT700V253128CD$1610
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253128SC$1707
TecVision XH700X Grey253128TD$2621
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253128TY$2621
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253128TZ$3004
TecVision XH900X ALR253128TE$2621
TecVision MS1000X ALR253128TC$2621
TecVision CS1000X ALR253128TA$2621
TecVision CS1200X ALR253128TB$2621
TecVision XT1000X White253128TF$2621
TecVision XT1100X White253128TG$2621
TecVision XT1300X White253128TH$2621
TecVision XT1600X White253128TJ$2621
TecVision XT1800X White253128TK$2621
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253128TR$3004
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253128TS$3004
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253128TN$3004
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253128TT$3004
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253128TU$3004
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253128TV$3004
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253128TW$3004
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253128TX$3004
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253128TL$3004
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253128TM$3004
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000V253143$1440
Grey XH600V253144$1657
Pure White XT1300V253143FN$1657
CineFlex CH1200V253146$1700
CineFlex White XT700V253143CD$1700
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253143SC$1800
TecVision XH700X Grey253143TD$2807
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253143TY$2807
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253143TZ$3191
TecVision XH900X ALR253143TE$2807
TecVision MS1000X ALR253143TC$2807
TecVision CS1000X ALR253143TA$2807
TecVision CS1200X ALR253143TB$2807
TecVision XT1000X White253143TF$2807
TecVision XT1100X White253143TG$2807
TecVision XT1300X White253143TH$2807
TecVision XT1600X White253143TJ$2807
TecVision XT1800X White253143TK$2807
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253143TR$3191
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253143TS$3191
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253143TN$3191
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253143TT$3191
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253143TU$3191
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253143TV$3191
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253143TW$3191
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253143TX$3191
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253143TL$3191
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253143TM$3191
123"65" x 104"Matt White XT1000V253132$1612
Grey XH600V253131$1854
Pure White XT1300V253132FN$1854
CineFlex CH1200V253134$1902
CineFlex White XT700V253132CD$1902
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253132SC$2015
TecVision XH700X Grey253132TD$3217
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253132TY$3217
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253132TZ$3601
TecVision XH900X ALR253132TE$3217
TecVision MS1000X ALR253132TC$3217
TecVision CS1000X ALR253132TA$3217
TecVision CS1200X ALR253132TB$3217
TecVision XT1000X White253132TF$3217
TecVision XT1100X White253132TG$3217
TecVision XT1300X White253132TH$3217
TecVision XT1600X White253132TJ$3217
TecVision XT1800X White253132TK$3217
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253132TR$3601
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253132TS$3601
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253132TN$3601
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253132TT$3601
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253132TU$3601
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253132TV$3601
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253132TW$3601
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253132TX$3601
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253132TL$3601
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253132TM$3601
137"72 1/2" x 116"Matt White XT1000V253136$1867
Grey XH600V253135$2147
Pure White XT1300V253136FN$2147
CineFlex CH1200V253138$2202
CineFlex White XT700V253136CD$2202
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253136SC$2334
TecVision XH700X Grey253136TD$3862
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253136TY$3862
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253136TZ$4243
TecVision XH900X ALR253136TE$3862
TecVision MS1000X ALR253136TC$3862
TecVision CS1000X ALR253136TA$3862
TecVision CS1200X ALR253136TB$3862
TecVision XT1000X White253136TF$3862
TecVision XT1100X White253136TG$3862
TecVision XT1300X White253136TH$3862
TecVision XT1600X White253136TJ$3862
TecVision XT1800X White253136TK$3862
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253136TR$4243
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253136TS$4243
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253136TN$4243
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253136TT$4243
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253136TU$4243
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253136TV$4243
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253136TW$4243
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253136TX$4243
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253136TL$4243
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253136TM$4243
165"87 1/2" x 140"Matt White XT1000V253140$2130
Grey XH600V253139$2450
Pure White XT1300V253140FN$2450
CineFlex CH1200V253142$2514
CineFlex White XT700V253140CD$2514
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253140SC$2664
TecVision XH700X Grey253140TD$5038
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253140TY$5038
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253140TZ$5421
TecVision XH900X ALR253140TE$5038
TecVision MS1000X ALR253140TC$5038
TecVision CS1000X ALR253140TA$5038
TecVision CS1200X ALR253140TB$5038
TecVision XT1000X White253140TF$5038
TecVision XT1100X White253140TG$5038
TecVision XT1300X White253140TH$5038
TecVision XT1600X White253140TJ$5038
TecVision XT1800X White253140TK$5038
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253140TR$5421
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253140TS$5421
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253140TN$5421
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253140TT$5421
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253140TU$5421
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253140TV$5421
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253140TW$5421
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253140TX$5421
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253140TL$5421
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253140TM$5421
189"100" x 160"Matt White XT1000V253147$2284
Grey XH600V253147FB$2627
Pure White XT1300V253147FN$2627
CineFlex CH1200V253147CB$2534
CineFlex White XT700V253147CD$2534
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253147SC$2856
TecVision XH700X Grey253147TD$6078
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253147TY$6078
TecVision XH900X ALR253147TE$6078
TecVision MS1000X ALR253147TC$6078
TecVision CS1000X ALR253147TA$6078
TecVision CS1200X ALR253147TB$6078
TecVision XT1000X White253147TF$6078
TecVision XT1100X White253147TG$6078
TecVision XT1300X White253147TH$6078
TecVision XT1600X White253147TJ$6078
TecVision XT1800X White253147TK$6078
226"120" x 192"Matt White XT1000V253148$2541
Grey XH600V253148FB$2922
Pure White XT1300V253148FN$2922
CineFlex CH1200V253148CB$2821
CineFlex White XT700V253148CD$2821
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253148SC$3176
TecVision XH700X Grey253148TD$8008
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253148TY$8008
TecVision XH900X ALR253148TE$8008
TecVision MS1000X ALR253148TC$8008
TecVision CS1000X ALR253148TA$8008
TecVision CS1200X ALR253148TB$8008
TecVision XT1000X White253148TF$8008
TecVision XT1100X White253148TG$8008
TecVision XT1300X White253148TH$8008
TecVision XT1600X White253148TJ$8008
TecVision XT1800X White253148TK$8008
Format: HDTV
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000V253016$1102
Grey XH600V253088$1267
Pure White XT1300V253016FN$1267
CineFlex CH1200V253064$1302
CineFlex White XT700V253016CD$1302
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253016SC$1377
TecVision XH700X Grey253016TD$1957
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253016TY$1957
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253016TZ$2340
TecVision XH900X ALR253016TE$1957
TecVision MS1000X ALR253016TC$1957
TecVision CS1000X ALR253016TA$1957
TecVision CS1200X ALR253016TB$1957
TecVision XT1000X White253016TF$1957
TecVision XT1100X White253016TG$1957
TecVision XT1300X White253016TH$1957
TecVision XT1600X White253016TJ$1957
TecVision XT1800X White253016TK$1957
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253016TR$2340
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253016TS$2340
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253016TN$2340
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253016TT$2340
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253016TU$2340
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253016TV$2340
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253016TW$2340
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253016TX$2340
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253016TL$2340
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253016TM$2340
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000V253115$1254
Grey XH600V253118$1442
Pure White XT1300V253115FN$1442
CineFlex CH1200V253117$1479
CineFlex White XT700V253115CD$1479
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253115SC$1567
TecVision XH700X Grey253115TD$2264
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253115TY$2264
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253115TZ$2647
TecVision XH900X ALR253115TE$2264
TecVision MS1000X ALR253115TC$2264
TecVision CS1000X ALR253115TA$2264
TecVision CS1200X ALR253115TB$2264
TecVision XT1000X White253115TF$2264
TecVision XT1100X White253115TG$2264
TecVision XT1300X White253115TH$2264
TecVision XT1600X White253115TJ$2264
TecVision XT1800X White253115TK$2264
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253115TR$2647
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253115TS$2647
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253115TN$2647
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253115TT$2647
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253115TU$2647
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253115TV$2647
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253115TW$2647
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253115TX$2647
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253115TL$2647
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253115TM$2647
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000V253017$1365
Grey XH600V253089$1570
Pure White XT1300V253017FN$1570
CineFlex CH1200V253065$1610
CineFlex White XT700V253017CD$1610
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253017SC$1707
TecVision XH700X Grey253017TD$2501
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253017TY$2501
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253017TZ$2884
TecVision XH900X ALR253017TE$2501
TecVision MS1000X ALR253017TC$2501
TecVision CS1000X ALR253017TA$2501
TecVision CS1200X ALR253017TB$2501
TecVision XT1000X White253017TF$2501
TecVision XT1100X White253017TG$2501
TecVision XT1300X White253017TH$2501
TecVision XT1600X White253017TJ$2501
TecVision XT1800X White253017TK$2501
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253017TR$2884
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253017TS$2884
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253017TN$2884
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253017TT$2884
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253017TU$2884
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253017TV$2884
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253017TW$2884
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253017TX$2884
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253017TL$2884
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253017TM$2884
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000V253119$1440
Grey XH600V253122$1657
Pure White XT1300V253119FN$1657
CineFlex CH1200V253121$1700
CineFlex White XT700V253119CD$1700
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253119SC$1800
TecVision XH700X Grey253119TD$2671
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253119TY$2671
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253119TZ$3054
TecVision XH900X ALR253119TE$2671
TecVision MS1000X ALR253119TC$2671
TecVision CS1000X ALR253119TA$2671
TecVision CS1200X ALR253119TB$2671
TecVision XT1000X White253119TF$2671
TecVision XT1100X White253119TG$2671
TecVision XT1300X White253119TH$2671
TecVision XT1600X White253119TJ$2671
TecVision XT1800X White253119TK$2671
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253119TR$3054
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253119TS$3054
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253119TN$3054
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253119TT$3054
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253119TU$3054
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253119TV$3054
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253119TW$3054
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253119TX$3054
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253119TL$3054
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253119TM$3054
119"58" x 104"Matt White XT1000V253097$1612
Grey XH600V253100$1854
Pure White XT1300V253097FN$1854
CineFlex CH1200V253099$1902
CineFlex White XT700V253097CD$1902
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253097SC$2015
TecVision XH700X Grey253097TD$3042
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253097TY$3042
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253097TZ$3426
TecVision XH900X ALR253097TE$3042
TecVision MS1000X ALR253097TC$3042
TecVision CS1000X ALR253097TA$3042
TecVision CS1200X ALR253097TB$3042
TecVision XT1000X White253097TF$3042
TecVision XT1100X White253097TG$3042
TecVision XT1300X White253097TH$3042
TecVision XT1600X White253097TJ$3042
TecVision XT1800X White253097TK$3042
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253097TR$3426
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253097TS$3426
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253097TN$3426
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253097TT$3426
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253097TU$3426
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253097TV$3426
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253097TW$3426
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253097TX$3426
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253097TL$3426
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253097TM$3426
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000V253018$1867
Grey XH600V253090$2147
Pure White XT1300V253018FN$2147
CineFlex CH1200V253066$2202
CineFlex White XT700V253018CD$2202
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253018SC$2334
TecVision XH700X Grey253018TD$3657
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253018TY$3657
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253018TZ$4037
TecVision XH900X ALR253018TE$3657
TecVision MS1000X ALR253018TC$3657
TecVision CS1000X ALR253018TA$3657
TecVision CS1200X ALR253018TB$3657
TecVision XT1000X White253018TF$3657
TecVision XT1100X White253018TG$3657
TecVision XT1300X White253018TH$3657
TecVision XT1600X White253018TJ$3657
TecVision XT1800X White253018TK$3657
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253018TR$4037
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253018TS$4037
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253018TN$4037
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253018TT$4037
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253018TU$4037
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253018TV$4037
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253018TW$4037
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253018TX$4037
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253018TL$4037
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253018TM$4037
161"79" x 140"Matt White XT1000V253019$2130
Grey XH600V253091$2450
Pure White XT1300V253019FN$2450
CineFlex CH1200V253067$2514
CineFlex White XT700V253019CD$2514
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253019SC$2664
TecVision XH700X Grey253019TD$4754
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253019TY$4754
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253019TZ$5138
TecVision XH900X ALR253019TE$4754
TecVision MS1000X ALR253019TC$4754
TecVision CS1000X ALR253019TA$4754
TecVision CS1200X ALR253019TB$4754
TecVision XT1000X White253019TF$4754
TecVision XT1100X White253019TG$4754
TecVision XT1300X White253019TH$4754
TecVision XT1600X White253019TJ$4754
TecVision XT1800X White253019TK$4754
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253019TR$5138
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253019TS$5138
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253019TN$5138
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253019TT$5138
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253019TU$5138
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253019TV$5138
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253019TW$5138
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253019TX$5138
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253019TL$5138
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253019TM$5138
193"95" x 169"Matt White XT1000V253103$2300
Grey XH600V253108$2646
Pure White XT1300V253103FN$2646
CineFlex CH1200V253107$2714
CineFlex White XT700V253103CD$2714
TecVision XH700X Grey253103TD$6111
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253103TY$6111
TecVision XH900X ALR253103TE$6111
TecVision MS1000X ALR253103TC$6111
TecVision CS1000X ALR253103TA$6111
TecVision CS1200X ALR253103TB$6111
TecVision XT1000X White253103TF$6111
TecVision XT1100X White253103TG$6111
TecVision XT1300X White253103TH$6111
TecVision XT1600X White253103TJ$6111
TecVision XT1800X White253103TK$6111
220"108" x 192"Matt White XT1000V253109$2492
Grey XH600V253112$2866
Pure White XT1300V253109FN$2866
CineFlex CH1200V253111$2939
CineFlex White XT700V253109CD$2939
TecVision XH700X Grey253109TD$7413
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253109TY$7413
TecVision XH900X ALR253109TE$7413
TecVision MS1000X ALR253109TC$7413
TecVision CS1000X ALR253109TA$7413
TecVision CS1200X ALR253109TB$7413
TecVision XT1000X White253109TF$7413
TecVision XT1100X White253109TG$7413
TecVision XT1300X White253109TH$7413
TecVision XT1600X White253109TJ$7413
TecVision XT1800X White253109TK$7413
Format: NTSC
6'43" x 57"Matt White XT1000V253008$760
Grey XH600V253080$874
Pure White XT1300V253008FN$874
CineFlex CH1200V253056$899
CineFlex White XT700V253008CD$899
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253008SC$950
TecVision XH700X Grey253008TD$1342
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253008TY$1342
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253008TZ$1725
TecVision XH900X ALR253008TE$1342
TecVision MS1000X ALR253008TC$1342
TecVision CS1000X ALR253008TA$1342
TecVision CS1200X ALR253008TB$1342
TecVision XT1000X White253008TF$1342
TecVision XT1100X White253008TG$1342
TecVision XT1300X White253008TH$1342
TecVision XT1600X White253008TJ$1342
TecVision XT1800X White253008TK$1342
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253008TR$1725
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253008TS$1725
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253008TN$1725
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253008TT$1725
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253008TU$1725
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253008TV$1725
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253008TW$1725
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253008TX$1725
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253008TL$1725
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253008TM$1725
6' 6"47" x 63"Matt White XT1000V253009$847
Grey XH600V253081$974
Pure White XT1300V253009FN$974
CineFlex CH1200V253057$999
CineFlex White XT700V253009CD$999
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253009SC$1059
TecVision XH700X Grey253009TD$1550
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253009TY$1550
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253009TZ$1932
TecVision XH900X ALR253009TE$1550
TecVision MS1000X ALR253009TC$1550
TecVision CS1000X ALR253009TA$1550
TecVision CS1200X ALR253009TB$1550
TecVision XT1000X White253009TF$1550
TecVision XT1100X White253009TG$1550
TecVision XT1300X White253009TH$1550
TecVision XT1600X White253009TJ$1550
TecVision XT1800X White253009TK$1550
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253009TR$1932
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253009TS$1932
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253009TN$1932
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253009TT$1932
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253009TU$1932
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253009TV$1932
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253009TW$1932
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253009TX$1932
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253009TL$1932
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253009TM$1932
7'50" x 67"Matt White XT1000V253010$892
Grey XH600V253082$1025
Pure White XT1300V253010FN$1025
CineFlex CH1200V253058$1050
CineFlex White XT700V253010CD$1050
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253010SC$1115
TecVision XH700X Grey253010TD$1687
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253010TY$1687
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253010TZ$2069
TecVision XH900X ALR253010TE$1687
TecVision MS1000X ALR253010TC$1687
TecVision CS1000X ALR253010TA$1687
TecVision CS1200X ALR253010TB$1687
TecVision XT1000X White253010TF$1687
TecVision XT1100X White253010TG$1687
TecVision XT1300X White253010TH$1687
TecVision XT1600X White253010TJ$1687
TecVision XT1800X White253010TK$1687
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253010TR$2069
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253010TS$2069
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253010TN$2069
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253010TT$2069
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253010TU$2069
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253010TV$2069
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253010TW$2069
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253010TX$2069
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253010TL$2069
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253010TM$2069
90"54" x 72"Matt White XT1000V253011$1020
Grey XH600V253083$1174
Pure White XT1300V253011FN$1174
CineFlex CH1200V253059$1204
CineFlex White XT700V253011CD$1204
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253011SC$1275
TecVision XH700X Grey253011TD$1944
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253011TY$1944
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253011TZ$2327
TecVision XH900X ALR253011TE$1944
TecVision MS1000X ALR253011TC$1944
TecVision CS1000X ALR253011TA$1944
TecVision CS1200X ALR253011TB$1944
TecVision XT1000X White253011TF$1944
TecVision XT1100X White253011TG$1944
TecVision XT1300X White253011TH$1944
TecVision XT1600X White253011TJ$1944
TecVision XT1800X White253011TK$1944
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253011TR$2327
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253011TS$2327
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253011TN$2327
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253011TT$2327
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253011TU$2327
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253011TV$2327
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253011TW$2327
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253011TX$2327
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253011TL$2327
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253011TM$2327
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000V253012$1100
Grey XH600V253084$1265
Pure White XT1300V253012FN$1265
CineFlex CH1200V253060$1299
CineFlex White XT700V253012CD$1299
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253012SC$1375
TecVision XH700X Grey253012TD$2240
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253012TY$2240
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253012TZ$2622
TecVision XH900X ALR253012TE$2240
TecVision MS1000X ALR253012TC$2240
TecVision CS1000X ALR253012TA$2240
TecVision CS1200X ALR253012TB$2240
TecVision XT1000X White253012TF$2240
TecVision XT1100X White253012TG$2240
TecVision XT1300X White253012TH$2240
TecVision XT1600X White253012TJ$2240
TecVision XT1800X White253012TK$2240
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253012TR$2622
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253012TS$2622
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253012TN$2622
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253012TT$2622
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253012TU$2622
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253012TV$2622
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253012TW$2622
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253012TX$2622
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253012TL$2622
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253012TM$2622
10'72" x 96"Matt White XT1000V253013$1365
Grey XH600V253085$1570
Pure White XT1300V253013FN$1570
CineFlex CH1200V253061$1610
CineFlex White XT700V253013CD$1610
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V253013SC$1707
TecVision XH700X Grey253013TD$3006
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253013TY$3006
TecVision XH800X UST ALR NanoPerf253013TZ$3389
TecVision XH900X ALR253013TE$3006
TecVision MS1000X ALR253013TC$3006
TecVision CS1000X ALR253013TA$3006
TecVision CS1200X ALR253013TB$3006
TecVision XT1000X White253013TF$3006
TecVision XT1100X White253013TG$3006
TecVision XT1300X White253013TH$3006
TecVision XT1600X White253013TJ$3006
TecVision XT1800X White253013TK$3006
TecVision XH700X Grey NanoPerf253013TR$3389
TecVision XH900X ALR NanoPerf253013TS$3389
TecVision MS1000X ALR NanoPerf253013TN$3389
TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf253013TT$3389
TecVision XT1100X White NanoPerf253013TU$3389
TecVision XT1300X White NanoPerf253013TV$3389
TecVision XT1600X White NanoPerf253013TW$3389
TecVision XT1800X White NanoPerf253013TX$3389
TecVision CS1000X ALR NanoPerf253013TL$3389
TecVision CS1200X ALR NanoPerf253013TM$3389
150"90" x 120"Matt White XT1000V253014$1852
Grey XH600V253086$2130
Pure White XT1300V253014FN$2130
CineFlex CH1200V253062$2185
CineFlex White XT700V253014CD$2185
TecVision XH700X Grey253014TD$4416
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253014TY$4416
TecVision XH900X ALR253014TE$4416
TecVision MS1000X ALR253014TC$4416
TecVision CS1000X ALR253014TA$4416
TecVision CS1200X ALR253014TB$4416
TecVision XT1000X White253014TF$4416
TecVision XT1100X White253014TG$4416
TecVision XT1300X White253014TH$4416
TecVision XT1600X White253014TJ$4416
TecVision XT1800X White253014TK$4416
15'108" x 144"Matt White XT1000V253015$2122
Grey XH600V253102$2440
Pure White XT1300V253015FN$2440
CineFlex CH1200V253063$2504
CineFlex White XT700V253015CD$2504
TecVision XH700X Grey253015TD$5813
TecVision XH800X UST ALR253015TY$5813
TecVision XH900X ALR253015TE$5813
TecVision MS1000X ALR253015TC$5813
TecVision CS1000X ALR253015TA$5813
TecVision CS1200X ALR253015TB$5813
TecVision XT1000X White253015TF$5813
TecVision XT1100X White253015TG$5813
TecVision XT1300X White253015TH$5813
TecVision XT1600X White253015TJ$5813
TecVision XT1800X White253015TK$5813
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