Wall Pad Large Cutout Trim Kit

Product Description

The Wall Pad Large Cutout Trim Kit provides trim around large surface-mounted objects like fire extinguisher cabinets or drinking fountains, or similar fixtures on walls that need to be padded. The kit features molded inside corners, outside corners, and straight strips and offers the ability to select the components needed to fit the specific dimensions of the application. Components are joined together with a splice that slides into a hidden track molded into each section. Straight strips and corners are molded from flexible, flame-resistant material. Strips and corners can be field-cut to the exact required dimensions to meet the needs of any size or oddly-shaped opening in your wall pads.

Product Specs

  • Molded inside corners, outside corners, and straight sections are combined as needed.
  • Corners and straight sections are field-cut and combined to make almost any size or shape of cut-out.
  • Corners and straight sections are joined using splice that slides in track that is hidden when installed.
  • Components are injection molded using a custom flame-resistant thermoplastic elastomer formulation.
  • Designed to accommodate any standard wall pad with 2” (51 mm) foam.

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