Fold-Up Gym Divider Curtains

Draper's Fold-up Divider Curtain reliably divides one space into two with the turn of a key switch. Accordion fold-up action is accomplished by passing cables through grommets in fabric as bottom tube is raised.
  • Motor operated, raise or lower the divider with the turn of a key.
  • The accordion fold-up action is smooth and designed for years of reliable service. Plus, it stores overhead from supporting steel structures.
  • It's engineered with all welded hardware.
  • Choose a Fold-Up Gym Divider made in either all solid vinyl, vinyl coated polyester mesh or a combination of mesh on the top and solid on the bottom.
  • All seams are vertical and electronically welded with a 1" (25mm) full contact weld.
  • Outer edge hems are triple turned with double welds.
  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 1/2 pound per sq. ft. (226g per 929 sq cm)
  • The stacking dimension is 2-1/2’ (76cm).
  • A Fold-Up Divider can be made in virtually any size, but cannot be cutout for bleachers or doors.
  • A minimum of 6" (15mm) clearance is required between vertical edges and fixed objects, but we suggest you allow more space for walking around the ends of the divider.
  • Electric winch provided with Fold-Up Gym Divider.

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