Aut-O-Loc 2 Backstop Safety Strap - 503229

Product Description

Actuated by speed or inertia, Aut-O-Loc 2 Backstop Safety Strap engages instantly to stop a load from falling due to cable breakage, cable clamp failure, any increase in speed due to failure or back drive of a winch, or supporting structure. It incorporates a 2" (51 mm) wide polyester belt with a breaking strength rating of 6,000 lb (2,721 kg) and will withstand a 1,750 lb (794 kg) free falling load without any failure of components or the belt. Unit operates at a sound level less than 20 dB. This allows the operator to clearly hear the operational sounds of the winch and backstop. Winch may be stopped if there are abnormal audible warnings to indicate possible mechanical issues.

Product Specs

  • Safety straps are recommended for all folding backstops.
  • Aut-O-Loc 2 is rated for a 1,000 lb (454 kg) load.
  • Tear tab deploys a warning flag if unit catches a load to allow user to visually see they need to perform maintenance.
  • Aut-O-Loc 2 is permanently locked when a load of more than 1,000 lb (454 kg) of force is captured, to prevent possible reuse and failure of critical components.

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