FlexShade® Coupler

FlexShade® Coupler features the ability to utilize a single motor or crank operator drive to control multiple window shade rollers. Reducing the number of motors required not only simplifies the electrical portion of the project, it also reduces overall budget costs. The FlexShade Coupler allows fabric height to be adjusted easily and independently. Angled couplers available.
  • Coupled shades must be same height.
  • Compatible with 2” (51 mm) and 3” (76 mm) diameter rollers. Adjacent roller tubes must be the same diameter.
  • Brackets extend 2-1/2" (64 mm) from mounting surface to center line of roller, and may be wall- or ceiling-mounted.
  • Brackets are installer-friendly and can overcome walls that are not perfectly flat.
  • Coupler system should be installed in an existing pocket or a Type D Pocket. Fascia is available.
  • Coupled units may be installed in 4-5/8” (117 mm) Draper ceiling pockets. Fascia is available.
  • Only motor and crank-operated shades are suitable for coupling. FlexShade® 2, Colossal, and LightBloc FlexShades® may NOT be coupled!
  • C177.058SA - Straight Line Coupler-Retractable Shaft Assembly for 2" Roller
  • C177.059SA - Straight Line Coupler Height Adjuster Assembly for 2" Roller
  • C254.006 - 2" Spanner Wrench for 2" Height Adjuster
  • C177.061SA - Straight Line Coupler Retractable Shaft Assembly for 3" Roller
  • C177.062SA - Straight Line Coupler Height Adjuster Assembly for 3" Roller
  • C254.007 - 3" Spanner Wrench for 3" Height Adjuster
  • C069.013 - Angled Coupler
  • - Contact Draper for details

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