Dual Roller Pocket Headbox

The Dual Roller Pocket Headbox features the ability to vertically stack two fabric shades in a single recessed headbox leading to design solutions that optimize a project space. The headbox allows for ease of installation during the construction phase, saving shade roller set-up for later.
  • Two complete shades vertically stacked within a single recessed headbox.
  • Standard size is 5-¾ (15 cm) deep x 7-¾” (20 cm) high for all manual shades and most motorized shades. Dual Roller Endcaps used for this size.
  • Size for large motorized shades is 6-½” (17 cm) x 8-½” (22 cm). Ceiling brackets used for this size. Available with or without tile lip.
  • Available with or without tile lip.
  • Dual Roller Pocket headbox is white (standard) or grey where visible at the ceiling line.
  • Suspended or flush mounting available.
  • Shades may be coupled, minimizing wiring and motor use (not suitable with LightBloc).
  • Accomodates: Motorized FlexShades®, Clutch FlexShades®, Battery Powered FlexShades®, 24V FlexShades®, and LightBloc w/Side Channels.
  • Headbox may be installed in ceiling in advance of shades.
  • Product designed for interior use.
  • C177.249SA - Dual Roller Pocket Headbox, Manual Shades
  • C177.248SA - Dual Roller Pocket Headbox, Standard Motorized
  • C177.250SA - Dual Roller Pocket Headbox, Large Motorized
  • - Contact Draper for details

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