Closures for Type D Pockets or Wall Clip

Draper offers three closure panels for use with Pocket D Headboxes or wall clips depending on the size of the pre-existing pocket. Larger closure panels will require field notching for chain clearance.
  • Extrusion comes in 12’ 3" (374 cm) long sections and must be cut to fit the space available. Draper can also cut to size.
  • Wall clips (with or without tile lip) accommodate 1-½” (38 mm), 3” (38 mm), or 5” (127 mm) panels, depending on the size of the pre-existing pocket.
  • The 1-½” (38 mm) panel accommodates manual FlexShades® mounted in a Type D Pocket Headbox. No notching required for chain clearance.
  • The 3” (76 mm) panel accommodates motorized FlexShades® mounted in Type D Pocket Headbox to give maximum coverage.
  • The 5” (127 mm) closure is for use with wall clip only.

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