s_enn Shading System

Developed specifically for exterior installation, s_enn® features thin, lightweight, retractable stainless-steel panels that roll-up like a standard fabric roller shade. When the sun is at an angle of 20 degrees or higher, placement of the rods can block direct light while offering a nice view-through. Tested in wind tunnel speeds of up to 80 mph (126 kph) with no damage makes s_enn® perfect for the exterior of high-rise buildings.
  • Type 70 system with side guide rods: minimum width of 25” (64 cm), maximum width of 8’ 10” (269 cm), maximum drop of 13’ 1” (399 cm), and maximum area of 107 sq ft (10 sq m).
  • Type 71 system with extruded side guides: minimum width of 25” (64 cm), maximum width of 8’ 10” (269 cm), maximum drop of 19’ 8” (600 cm), and maximum area of 150 sq ft (14 sq m).
  • Two side guide options: stainless steel or extruded aluminum.
  • Standard systems can achieve a drop up to 9’ 2” (280 cm). Custom systems can have a drop of up to 19’ 8” (600 cm). The maximum width is 8’10” (269 cm).
  • Can be installed on vertical or inclined glazing. The system can operate on slopes up to approximately 10° from vertical.
  • Standard systems available in round or rectangular extruded aluminum headbox style. Custom systems supplied with formed aluminum headbox.
  • Withstands high wind speeds. Has been tested up to 78 mph (126 kph) and is warranted for wind speeds up to a maximum of 56 mph (90 kph.)
  • For coastal installations with potential exposure to higher salinity, ask about the Draper s_enro system that features aluminum instead of stainless-steel construction.
  • Blocks direct light for sun angles higher than 20° off horizon.
  • System can be used on the interior or exterior of a building.

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