FlexLouver Rack Arm System

Designed to control solar energy, light, and glare, the FlexLouver Rack Arm System features an operable louver system for interior or exterior use. For precise light control in venues such as galleries or museums, the FlexLouver Rack Arm System provides years of dependable service with minimal maintenance. The shading system finely tilts open or close to control the light levels within a space. Perfect for difficult glazing situations, each shading system is custom designed to meet specific appl
  • Flexible system sizes 2” (50 mm), interior only. See submittal for additional sizes.
  • Perforated slats available with the 2" (50 mm) and 3" (80 mm) options. See submittal for additional sizes.
  • Rolled edge system 3" (80 mm). See submittal for additional sizes.
  • Extruded system 3" (75 mm) and 3-1/2" (88 mm). See submittal for additional sizes.
  • Colors: 2" (50 mm): silver or white, 3" (75 mm): natural anodized or standard RAL color, 3" (80 mm): silver (RAL9006) or white (RAL9010), 3" (88 mm): natural anodized. Custom powder coat colors available.
  • System can be installed on vertical, horizontal or inclined glazing.
  • System can shade almost any shape of glazing-circle, triangle, trapezoid, etc.
  • Automatic controls available for optimum solar control, cutting solar gains by more than 90% and reducing HVAC requirements.
  • Rack arm types: Standard, Heavy Duty and Box Rack Arm.
  • Slats can be adjusted between fully opened and fully closed but do not retract.
  • Precise light controls for hard to shade areas.
  • Adjustable slat angles prevent direct sun penetration, whatever the sun angle. Precise light control can be achieved with slow tilting of slats.
  • High levels of light exclusion achievable with the extruded 3" (88 mm) system.
  • System can withstand very high wind speeds. Care must be taken where there is a risk of significant ice or snow.
  • Product designed for interior or exterior use, depending on slat selection.
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