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Case: Ultimate Access Case

Product Description

Unique ceiling-recessed, extruded aluminum headbox, the Ultimate Access Case features an independently motorized ceiling closure. During use, a second motor opens the lower panel upward into the case to allow the screen to descend into the room. When retracted, the projection screen completely conceals behind a smooth, solid lower panel with no exposed screw heads or fasteners providing a clean appearance. Installation of the case during the initial phase of construction (excluding XL models) eliminates job site damage, allowing for installation of the screen at a later time. The screen installs in minutes (excluding XL models) with preset latching roller brackets and electrical pin connectors.

Product Specs

  • Hanging brackets slide in channels on top of the case, allowing unlimited adjustment to avoid interference.
  • Roller brackets slide along track inside the top of the case, they can be locked in place to accommodate different screen sizes. Both brackets are movable to center screen.
  • A pre-wired junction box inside (left end standard), and cable exit holes on top.
  • Pin connector electrical connection of screen to junction box eliminates tools.
  • Flange supports ceiling tile or trims the opening of any type of ceiling.
  • Motorized closure forms a solid bottom panel when closed, giving the ceiling a clean appearance.
  • Large case allows for nearly unlimited flexibility.
  • Case can be ordered with or without a screen.

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This product is available in many configurations, please contact Draper for pricing.

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*Valid in the United States and Canada. Our warranty information can be found here.
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