Product Description

LVC-IV & 2 LVC-S offer low-voltage control options for electric screens. The LVC-IV module provides single 110V/220V motor control through a variety of low-voltage control options. The module includes: 3-screw terminal block for a low-voltage wall switch, IR receiver jack, built-in RF receiver, two (2) RJ25 ports for RS232/RS485, low-voltage relay port with cable, and user-serviceable 3.5 A fuse. The LVC-S switch features 3-button operation with directional functions: up, stop, and down. Three screw terminals on the back of each switch connects to the LVC-IV using your own low-voltage cable.

Product Specs

  • Kit includes one (1) LVC-IV low-voltage control module and two (2) low-voltage 3-button operation switches.
  • Low-voltage options include: wall switch, “dry” contact closure, radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR), serial communication, or low-voltage relay (4V-28V).
  • Works with LVC-S, WRT, IRT/R, SP-KSM, Aux. "dry" contacts and KS-1 Power Supply Switch.
  • Built-in LVC-IV modules must be preordered. Module can be built into Access (Access Fit, Standard Access and Access XL) V & E, Ultimate Access V & E, Ultimate Access XL V & E, Silhouette V & E, Premier, Targa, or Envoy.
  • Factory-installed controls will increase the length of the case in the Premier and Targa. If case length dimension is critical, contact Draper for exact case length.
  • Control module is UL listed and housed in a 3-compartment, single box.

Sizes, Part Numbers, & Prices

  • 121079 -   LVC-III/2LVC-S LV 220V
  • 121224 -   LVC/IV-115V 2LVCS CONTROL
  • 121239 -   LVC-IV 230V W/2LVC-S

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