High Voltage Gym Divider Curtain Winch - C129.023/C129.024/ C129.036/C129.037

Product Description

The High Voltage Gym Divider Curtain Winch features high-voltage divider curtain/practice cage winches for special applications. Choose from 60 Hz models for domestic projects or 50 Hz for international installations. Hardened steel gears with a powerful, instantly reversing ¾hp motor produces over 2,800 inch-pounds of torque. The cast, high-strength metal alloy gear cases are filled with oil, precision ball bearings, and premium seals. Engineered to last, they provide superior performance and maintenance-free operation. The versatile light-weight, low-profile design can be used with most sizes of Draper Fold-Up, Top-Roll, Roll-up, Radius-Fold divider curtains, and Multi-Sport Practice cages.

Product Specs

  • Includes 3-position momentary key switch and cover plate.
  • Available in standard 13.5 RPM or 8.125 RPM for installations requiring greater torque.
  • Five-year limited warranty.

Warranty Documents

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