Walk-Draw Gym Divider Curtains

The Walk-Draw Gym Divider Curtain idea is simple: suspend the vinyl curtain from an overhead track. While walking, just pull the curtain into place, or pull it back into its compact storage area. The curtain always moves at the operator's pace because ball bearing wheels ensure a smooth gliding action. Draper designs tracks to accommodate the shape and size of the sports arena: box in a court with four curtains or radius the track to encircle the area.
  • Customize the size and look of your curtains.
  • Select a solid vinyl, a mesh vinyl or a combination of both, to complement the facility.
  • A Walk-Draw gym divider curtain is easy to use and easy to store. Pull the curtain to the perimeter wall or onto a storage track along the perimeter wall.
  • In the stacked position, the Walk-Draw requires only a 6" (15mm) clearance on either side of the track’s center line.
  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 1/2 pound per sq. ft. (226g per 929 sq cm)
  • Stacking space is 1-1/8" (29mm) per foot of divider.
  • Track supports do not exceed 8’ (284cm) on center.
  • Engineered with all welded fabric construction with vertical seams. End hems are triple turned and double welded to prevent fraying.
  • Maximum curtain height – 25’ (762 cm)
  • Maximum size per fabric section – 1,600 Sq Ft (149 sq meters)

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