Top-Roll Gym Divider Curtains

This gym divider curtain rolls neatly on the drive pipe so the stacking dimension is only 14" (36cm). Draper’s clean design does not require belts, cables or complicated torsion arms to make our curtain operate. For curtains up to 100’ (3048cm) wide, our Top-Roll uses a single 1 hp motor located on one end of the curtain which simplifies the wiring diagram and saves money on the electrical wiring.
  • All electrical connections are made at and stay at ceiling level.
  • The Top-Roll motor is mounted externally allowing it to cool properly.
  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 3/4 lb. per sq. ft.
  • An electric winch is provided with Top-Roll Gym Divider.
  • Outer edges are turned and welded to prevent fraying.
  • Available in combination of mesh and 18 oz. vinyl.
  • Maximum dimensions: Height – 30’ (915 cm) Width - 100’ (3,048 cm)
  • Must be square or rectangular shaped
  • Stores in as little as as 14" (35.5 cm) when directly attached to roof structure
  • A minimum clearance of 6” (152 mm) is required between vertical edges and adjoin curtain or fixed objects, but at least 3’ 0” (915mm), is recommended to allow egress at curtain ends.

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