Combination Volleyball System (CVS) Two Court System - 500011

Product Description

Incorporating top quality features and added versatility, the Combination Volleyball System (CVS) Two Court System features heavy-duty construction with an all-aluminum floor-sleeve type system. A heavy-duty tensioning winch provides a self-locking, worm gear mechanism with a high tensile strength nylon strap and heavy-duty snap for safe connection to the net-top cable. It adjusts to all competition heights for tennis, badminton, men’s volleyball, or anywhere in between. Winch includes a folding handle for added security and player safety. An adjustable rubber protective bumper on each upright offers fine adjustments and protection of your court. Can be hung on a wall with hooks, stored on optional transporter, or tucked away in a closet.


  • Meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball, and NCAA requirements for competition equipment
  • Includes three uprights, two nets, two rope tensioners, and two pairs of combination antenna/boundary markers.
  • Power winch located on outside of two posts. Center upright equipped with double top pulleys and adjustable anchor collar to attach two nets.
  • Secure cast-in-place 3-1/2” (89 mm) ID floor sleeves with choice of flush cover plates.
  • Infinite height adjustment between 8’ (2.44 m) to 3’6" (1.07 m).
  • Rope tensioner holds the bottom of the net taut.
  • Optional upright protective pads available. Dark blue standard; other colors available.
  • Clear anodized aluminum finish.

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