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Curved Screen Brings the "Wow!"

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Dealer: Immedia Integrated Technologies Photography: Photo provided by Immedia

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A curved screen helps offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens, and also wraps the image around your periphery more than a flat screen for greater engagement with your projected image.

It’s a request designers hear all the time: “We want to ‘wow’ people who visit our company headquarters for training and other presentations.” And in this case, an Arizona-based supplier of dietary supplements and personal care products wanted AV to be a part of that “wow” experience.

“The CEO of the company had just returned from a conference in China, where the presentation was given on a room-width curved screen with projection blending,” according to Ira Beyer, ACE, CCMP, EAP, the Chief Technologist for Immedia. “He showed a picture of the room, and asked us to build the same thing for their room.”

Immedia chose to go with Draper’s curved VersaRoll IRUS rear projection screen. The VersaRoll not only ships rolled on a core for easier transport, it is also able to handle custom curves. Meanwhile, the IRUS coating is specifically designed for blending and wide viewing applications.

“This screen is particularly suited for blending images,” Draper IDS Manager Jim Hoodlebrink, CTS, says of the 85” x 278” screen, “because of the amazing uniformity from top to bottom and from center to corner. There’s no hotspotting or changes in gain or resolution across the image—even one this big.”

“They wanted a large venue with which they could “Wow” the audience, and make a statement about who/what they distribute,” Beyer points out. “All along, they had talked about doing a large surface, but did not know what was possible with today’s projections systems. The custom curve of the screen was to deliver that ’Wow’ they were looking to offer.”

The new facility is used for marketing campaign and product introductions, public and private presentations, meetings, training, and companywide events. It also includes a 189” Draper Premier screen in the training room, and a 137” Access/Series V in the boardroom.

The physical installation of the VersaRoll screen took only a day, and after getting the blending perfected Beyer says the company loves the end result.

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