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TecVision Home Theatre

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The 227.25 inch 16:9 Premier screen with TecVision NanoPerf XT1300X White viewing surface had to be sized to perfectly fit the available space. Photography: Kevin Winzeler Photography, Park City, Utah.

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Today’s home theater enthusiasts demand everything. By combining screen technologies, Draper delivered a distortion-free screen with excellent sound transmision and color quality.

Matthew Irvin knew he had his work cut out for him when he was approached by a very particular client for a special home cinema job in Park City, Utah.

The customer needed more “wow” in the room, according to Irvin, who is the president of Audioworks in Salt Lake City, Utah. “The screen before was 163” diagonal, but didn’t fill the space. He wanted every inch of the opening filled, while still having a nice background for stage performances.”

That’s because the space in question is more than your basic dedicated home theatre. It’s also a performance space. In addition to private viewing, the customer uses it for their own mini Sundance-style film festival for kids, as well as for huge karaoke parties.

“We were working with the tightest tolerances and HAD to meet the customer’s expectations,” Irvin said. “First of all, because he wanted every inch of the opening filled, we decided the only way to accommodate was with a motorized screen.”

Irvin went with Draper Premier, a tab-tensioned surface mounted screen that is often built in to soffits or concealed behind a decorative, finished wall. But they had to decide what viewing surface would go in the Premier case.

Because of the customer’s high expectations and the need for an acoustically transparent material, Irvin recommended 4K-ready TecVision Nano Perf XT1300X White, with an extra wide viewing cone, typical contrast, and on-axis gain of 1.3. To fill the opening as required took a 227.25 inch 16:9 format screen.

“It was the only solution we were considering due to the size of material we needed in an acoustically transparent application,” Irvin said of his choice. “The customer was concerned about a screen that large having imperfections, but we knew we could trust the TecVision product to be perfect edge to edge.”

“With this customer’s high standards, the TecVision XT1300X White Nano Perf really was perfect for this job,” said Amy Madden, Draper residential market manager. “The ambient light is controlled so that isn’t an issue, and even though it’s an acoustically transparent screen, it is still 8K ready so there aren’t going to be any visible imperfections or artifacts. It’s also ISF™ Certified, so the colors are going to be spot on.”

Irvin agrees it was the right choice.

“Perfection—there’s no image distortion anywhere to be seen, and acoustically it is far superior to other products we have used,” he said. “We were up against some serious constraints. The screen had to fit perfectly and Draper delivered. The install was as easy as it could have been for a screen that large.”

And how about that customer and his high expectations?

“Working with Draper, we were able to not only meet, but easily surpass those expectations,” Irvin said. “In fact, in his words from a quick email: ‘The theatre is amazing!!! A very big hit. Well worth the upgrade!!’ Draper has always been fantastic with custom projects.”

The TecVision line of white, grey and ALR premium viewing surfaces includes nine standard formulations designed to deliver high performance in varying conditions, including ambient light. All nine surfaces are 8K ready and certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for color accuracy. TecVision is made to order in our Spiceland, Indiana, production facilities, and new formulations are being developed as conditions dictate new solutions.

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