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Holladay Cinema Home Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT

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A Draper custom 198" diagonal fixed screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio TecVision XT1000X White Nanoperf viewing surface in a Clarion frame.

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A Draper tailored audiovisual solution for this home theatre created a truly stunning experience during the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, and made every day a Holladay.

Big Screen Challenge

In 2017, a major client approached Tym LLC, a Utah home entertainment and smart home design and installation company, to build a custom, high-end home theatre. That’s what Tym (pronounced “time”) does, so at first it didn’t seem like a big deal. But when Tym president Matt Montgomery saw the job details and timeline, he wasn’t so sure.  

“The client asked for the biggest screen possible. The screen wall takes a 45-degree turn in each corner, and we knew we were going to need a custom size screen to maximize the space,” Montgomery said. “Meanwhile, the 2017 Salt Lake Parade of Homes was fast approaching and we needed to work fast to get it done in time.”

Exceptional Results

Montgomery and his crew must work well under pressure. During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Tym received a TechHome® Mark of Excellence for “Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year” award from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™. The award recognizes Tym’s design and installation of the custom high-end home theater that has since come to be known as the Holladay Cinema. 

Draper provided a custom 198-inch, 2.35:1 TecVision XT1000X White NanoPerf screen surface in a Clarion fixed frame. 

“With the back of the theater open to the rec room’s wall of retractable windows (with no shading), we needed a screen that would give us a bright picture,” Montgomery said. “And at 198 inches we also wanted a surface that would produce clear, vibrant images.” 

Those vibrant images are provided by a Sony 4K HDR projector—making this a perfect room for hosting a big game night. Meanwhile, 11 Paradigm speakers create an immersive 3D audio experience. The acoustically-transparent screen allow the speakers to be not only concealed, but also closer to ear level.

“When we turned on the projector for the first time, we were thrilled! The image was bright, clear, and immersive,” Montgomery said. “The black levels are excellent— especially for an open concept theater. One of the things we like about Draper’s acoustically-transparent screens is that from the front row, you cannot see the perforations. That’s really important.” 

Draper was able to deliver the screen on a very tight schedule and even coordinated freight so the screen was delivered in time for judging during the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. 

Over 15,000 people visited the Holladay Cinema. Montgomery said visitors were stunned by the size of the screen. People often commented — “this feels like an actual cinema,” and were genuinely stunned by the picture quality. 

“Draper has become our screen of choice. We know the screen is always going to perform, and the different screen materials and custom sizes give us incredible flexibility,” Montgomery said. “Add their customer service to the mix, and we’re able to be very aggressive designing theaters for our clients.” 

In addition to the huge Draper screen, the Holladay Cinema includes a 4K HDR Kaleidescape movie server, 4K Blu-ray player, and 4K video tiling, all operated via voice control. It also features a custom Tym Signature Star Ceiling, crafted from 7 miles of fiber optic filament. Each of the 1,200 stars was hand-placed into the sheet rock during construction before a cosmos mural was airbrushed on the ceiling to compliment the twinkling stars. A kitchenette and outdoor go kart track, that can be monitored on the big theatre screen, finish off this beautiful, award-winning home entertainment space.

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