Revelation A

The Revelation A conceals the projector and noise above the ceiling, providing a quiet presentation. This unique lift hides the projector and utilizes two mirrors that reflect the image onto the screen. The only visible element is a hinged door in the ceiling. Model A is designed to accommodate smaller projector sizes.
  • Replicates positioning of projector right below ceiling line.
  • Can be installed to match a 2' x 2' (61 cm x 61 cm) ceiling grid.
  • Optional Environmental Airspace Housing to isolate projector from environmental airspace above ceiling.
  • Optional glass shield—anti-reflective glass isolates projector from room.
  • Wall switch standard, optional IR or RF remote control, or integrate into your control system. 

Retail Pricing Table

Display part numbers with 110V or 220V motors.

Weight (lbs.)
Part No.
110 V
U.S. Retail
Dealer Net
Model A Lift186300025$4126
Model B Lift189300027$5666
Dimensions (WxD) Max Projector Size (WxD) Weight Capacity Lowering Distance Form Factor Unit Weight
Revelation A 38 1/4" x 34" See Submittal 100 lbs. N/A 198 lbs.
Revelation B 38 1/4" x 44" See Submittal 100 lbs. N/A 209 lbs.
CONTROLS for this lift.
ACCESSORIES for this lift.
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