We are filled with gratitude as we recognize your loyalty and patience through our recent cyberattack. Our order receipts continue to be strong, and we appreciate your confidence in us! We’d like to share some highlights of the past five weeks:

  • We have rebuilt our computer network completely. It’s better and more secure than ever before.
  • While that work was going on, we implemented workarounds to keep manufacturing and shipping. We put miles on our shoes delivering files and paperwork, and we completed shipping documents by hand.
  • Our manufacturing lead times have been extended a few days over the past month, and now they are coming back down. We expect to return to the industry-leading shipping schedules we were maintaining before this attack in the coming weeks.
  • We posted a new single-day production record for window shades on August 15!

Our website at https://draperinc.com has remained operational and secure throughout the events of July and August. However, we were not able to update the site—including the account and order information that you can access when you log into the Draper Pro Portal. We are making progress there as well.

  • Online payment is back. In our credit card payment site at https://draperinc.com/pay, you will now be able to see and select invoices and sales orders, and submit your payment. Card numbers and personal information are sent directly to our bank and never stored at Draper when you pay through this system.
  • Order status and shipment tracking have also been restored. This information is updated nightly.

We’ll use the Draper Dealer News window inside the Pro Portal for future updates regarding Pro Portal applications.

Once again, thanks for sticking with us through this very tough time!

Best regards,
Team Draper

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