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Reveals itself at just the right time. The totally unique Phantom quickly and quietly dips the projector out of the ceiling and into the “show” position at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter. The Phantom can also be used for videoconferencing cameras, speakers, etc.

The projector is mounted above the ceiling. When activated, a trapdoor brings the projector into your room using a precision actuator with preset limits. The projector is easily aligned during installation to provide a direct light path onto your Draper projection screen.

The Phantom is supplied with a universal-style bracket that allows for easy attachment of a variety of projector models. Two Phantom models to choose from that fit most projectors up to 26 lbs. (12kg) The Phantom motor is a 24V DC low voltage motor, which allows for easier control and wiring of the lift.


Environmental Airspace Housing—Aluminum housing isolates projector from environmental airspace above ceiling.

Ceiling Access Door—for easier access after installation.

DC Motor Control—required for IR/RF/Serial/Network.

Control Options—3-button up stop-down switch, IR or RF
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Dimensions (WxD) Max Projector Size (WxD) Weight Capacity Lowering Distance Form Factor Unit Weight
Phantom Model A 25 9/16" x 17 3/8" Max width 13", height varies 26 lbs. Projector right below ceiling 36 lbs.
Phantom Model B 32 3/4" x 21 3/16" Max width 16 7/8", height varies 26 lbs. Projector right below ceiling 47 lbs.


Retail Pricing Table

Display part numbers with 110V or 220V motors.

Weight (lbs.)
Part No.
110 V
U.S. Retail
Model A Lift37300370$2756
Model B Lift48300371$2756
Model A Lift (Table Mounted)38300378$2756
Model B Lift (Table Mounted)48300379$2756

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