s_onro® Daylighting Shutter System

An exterior roller shutter system, s_onro® features aluminum slats designed to provide privacy, yet still allow light and air into the room as needed. Aluminum slats offer a clean, modern look with an architectural feel. They are retractable or can be lowered for a louvered, light-filtering appearance. When the sun rises higher than 20 degrees, direct light is blocked providing automatic glare control. As slats are lowered entirely, they collapse into a solid, opaque wall for total privacy and light exclusion. You control the openness by stopping the descent of the screen. Bottom-up stacking eliminates spacing between the slats and provides privacy by closing the lower portion of the shades and leaving the top open to natural light.
  • Sizes available: minimum width of 24” (61cm), maximum width of 7’ 10” (239 cm), maximum drop of 9’ 10” (300 cm), and maximum area of 65 sq ft (6 sq m).
  • Available colors: white (RAL 9016), silver (RAL 9006), silver gray (RAL 9007), and anthracite (RAL 7016). For custom colors, contact Draper. For more information on RAL colors, check out their website here.
  • Two headbox styles available, square and round.
  • System incorporates extruded aluminum side guide channels and a sill angle.
  • System can be supplied with an Integrated fly screen.
  • Wind resistance up to 56 mph (90 kph.)
  • Product designed for exterior use.

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