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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Ultimate Access V

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Smooth, clean design and complete concealment make the Ultimate Access V projection screen ideal for mid-sized training rooms, boardrooms, home theaters, and universities. The fully automatic ceiling closure panel provides complete concealment when screen is retracted for a smooth, clean look. This tab-tensioned electric screen offers a perfectly flat viewing surface for better image quality. The ceiling-recessed case can be installed during the initial construction phase, allowing the screen to be installed later to eliminate job site damage. A bottom access panel provides easier service and maintenance.
Motor Options
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB143025$6150
Grey XH600V143025FB$7071
Pure White XT1300V143025FN$7071
CineFlex CH1200V143025CB$6765
CineFlex White XT700V143025CD$6765
TecVision XH700X Grey143025TD$7218
TecVision XH800X ALR143025TY$7218
TecVision XH900X ALR143025TE$7218
TecVision MS1000X ALR143025TC$7218
TecVision CS1000X ALR143025TA$7218
TecVision CS1200X ALR143025TB$7218
TecVision XT1000X White143025TF$7218
TecVision XT1100X White143025TG$7218
TecVision XT1300X White143025TH$7218
TecVision XT1600X White143025TJ$7218
TecVision XT1800X White143025TK$7218
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB143026$6418
Grey XH600V143026FB$7381
Pure White XT1300V143026FN$7381
CineFlex CH1200V143026CB$7060
CineFlex White XT700V143026CD$7060
TecVision XH700X Grey143026TD$7828
TecVision XH800X ALR143026TY$7828
TecVision XH900X ALR143026TE$7828
TecVision MS1000X ALR143026TC$7828
TecVision CS1000X ALR143026TA$7828
TecVision CS1200X ALR143026TB$7828
TecVision XT1000X White143026TF$7828
TecVision XT1100X White143026TG$7828
TecVision XT1300X White143026TH$7828
TecVision XT1600X White143026TJ$7828
TecVision XT1800X White143026TK$7828
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB143027$6675
Grey XH600V143027FB$7677
Pure White XT1300V143027FN$7677
CineFlex CH1200V143027CB$7341
CineFlex White XT700V143027CD$7341
TecVision XH700X Grey143027TD$8210
TecVision XH800X ALR143027TY$8210
TecVision XH900X ALR143027TE$8210
TecVision MS1000X ALR143027TC$8210
TecVision CS1000X ALR143027TA$8210
TecVision CS1200X ALR143027TB$8210
TecVision XT1000X White143027TF$8210
TecVision XT1100X White143027TG$8210
TecVision XT1300X White143027TH$8210
TecVision XT1600X White143027TJ$8210
TecVision XT1800X White143027TK$8210
123"65" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB143028$7166
Grey XH600V143028FB$8242
Pure White XT1300V143028FN$8242
CineFlex CH1200V143028CB$7883
CineFlex White XT700V143028CD$7883
TecVision XH700X Grey143028TD$8972
TecVision XH800X ALR143028TY$8972
TecVision XH900X ALR143028TE$8972
TecVision MS1000X ALR143028TC$8972
TecVision CS1000X ALR143028TA$8972
TecVision CS1200X ALR143028TB$8972
TecVision XT1000X White143028TF$8972
TecVision XT1100X White143028TG$8972
TecVision XT1300X White143028TH$8972
TecVision XT1600X White143028TJ$8972
TecVision XT1800X White143028TK$8972
137"72 1/2" x 116"Matt White XT1000VB143029$7705
Grey XH600V143029FB$8860
Pure White XT1300V143029FN$8860
CineFlex CH1200V143029CB$8475
CineFlex White XT700V143029CD$8475
TecVision XH700X Grey143029TD$9947
TecVision XH800X ALR143029TY$9947
TecVision XH900X ALR143029TE$9947
TecVision MS1000X ALR143029TC$9947
TecVision CS1000X ALR143029TA$9947
TecVision CS1200X ALR143029TB$9947
TecVision XT1000X White143029TF$9947
TecVision XT1100X White143029TG$9947
TecVision XT1300X White143029TH$9947
TecVision XT1600X White143029TJ$9947
TecVision XT1800X White143029TK$9947
165"87 1/2" x 140"Grey XH600V143030FB$9507
Matt White XT1000VB143030$8267
Pure White XT1300V143030FN$9507
CineFlex CH1200V143030CB$9093
CineFlex White XT700V143030CD$9093
TecVision XH700X Grey143030TD$11534
TecVision XH800X ALR143030TY$11534
TecVision XH900X ALR143030TE$11534
TecVision MS1000X ALR143030TC$11534
TecVision CS1000X ALR143030TA$11534
TecVision CS1200X ALR143030TB$11534
TecVision XT1000X White143030TF$11534
TecVision XT1100X White143030TG$11534
TecVision XT1300X White143030TH$11534
TecVision XT1600X White143030TJ$11534
TecVision XT1800X White143030TK$11534
Format: HDTV
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB143018$6150
Grey XH600V143018FB$7071
Pure White XT1300V143018FN$7071
CineFlex CH1200V143018CB$6765
CineFlex White XT700V143018CD$6765
TecVision XH700X Grey143018TD$7111
TecVision XH800X ALR143018TY$7111
TecVision XH900X ALR143018TE$7111
TecVision MS1000X ALR143018TC$7111
TecVision CS1000X ALR143018TA$7111
TecVision CS1200X ALR143018TB$7111
TecVision XT1000X White143018TF$7111
TecVision XT1100X White143018TG$7111
TecVision XT1300X White143018TH$7111
TecVision XT1600X White143018TJ$7111
TecVision XT1800X White143018TK$7111
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000VB143019$6296
Grey XH600V143019FB$7241
Pure White XT1300V143019FN$7241
CineFlex CH1200V143019CB$6926
CineFlex White XT700V143019CD$6926
TecVision XH700X Grey143019TD$7431
TecVision XH800X ALR143019TY$7431
TecVision XH900X ALR143019TE$7431
TecVision MS1000X ALR143019TC$7431
TecVision CS1000X ALR143019TA$7431
TecVision CS1200X ALR143019TB$7431
TecVision XT1000X White143019TF$7431
TecVision XT1100X White143019TG$7431
TecVision XT1300X White143019TH$7431
TecVision XT1600X White143019TJ$7431
TecVision XT1800X White143019TK$7431
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB143020$6418
Grey XH600V143020FB$7381
Pure White XT1300V143020FN$7381
CineFlex CH1200V143020CB$7060
CineFlex White XT700V143020CD$7060
TecVision XH700X Grey143020TD$7693
TecVision XH800X ALR143020TY$7693
TecVision XH900X ALR143020TE$7693
TecVision MS1000X ALR143020TC$7693
TecVision CS1000X ALR143020TA$7693
TecVision CS1200X ALR143020TB$7693
TecVision XT1000X White143020TF$7693
TecVision XT1100X White143020TG$7693
TecVision XT1300X White143020TH$7693
TecVision XT1600X White143020TJ$7693
TecVision XT1800X White143020TK$7693
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB143021$6675
Grey XH600V143021FB$7677
Pure White XT1300V143021FN$7677
CineFlex CH1200V143021CB$7341
CineFlex White XT700V143021CD$7341
TecVision XH700X Grey143021TD$8057
TecVision XH800X ALR143021TY$8057
TecVision XH900X ALR143021TE$8057
TecVision MS1000X ALR143021TC$8057
TecVision CS1000X ALR143021TA$8057
TecVision CS1200X ALR143021TB$8057
TecVision XT1000X White143021TF$8057
TecVision XT1100X White143021TG$8057
TecVision XT1300X White143021TH$8057
TecVision XT1600X White143021TJ$8057
TecVision XT1800X White143021TK$8057
119"58" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB143022$7166
Grey XH600V143022FB$8242
Pure White XT1300V143022FN$8242
CineFlex CH1200V143022CB$7883
CineFlex White XT700V143022CD$7883
TecVision XH700X Grey143022TD$8773
TecVision XH800X ALR143022TY$8773
TecVision XH900X ALR143022TE$8773
TecVision MS1000X ALR143022TC$8773
TecVision CS1000X ALR143022TA$8773
TecVision CS1200X ALR143022TB$8773
TecVision XT1000X White143022TF$8773
TecVision XT1100X White143022TG$8773
TecVision XT1300X White143022TH$8773
TecVision XT1600X White143022TJ$8773
TecVision XT1800X White143022TK$8773
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000VB143023$7705
Grey XH600V143023FB$8860
Pure White XT1300V143023FN$8860
CineFlex CH1200V143023CB$8475
CineFlex White XT700V143023CD$8475
TecVision XH700X Grey143023TD$9715
TecVision XH800X ALR143023TY$9715
TecVision XH900X ALR143023TE$9715
TecVision MS1000X ALR143023TC$9715
TecVision CS1000X ALR143023TA$9715
TecVision CS1200X ALR143023TB$9715
TecVision XT1000X White143023TF$9715
TecVision XT1100X White143023TG$9715
TecVision XT1300X White143023TH$9715
TecVision XT1600X White143023TJ$9715
TecVision XT1800X White143023TK$9715
161"79" x 140"Matt White XT1000VB143024$8267
Grey XH600V143024FB$9507
Pure White XT1300V143024FN$9507
CineFlex CH1200V143024CB$9093
CineFlex White XT700V143024CD$9093
TecVision XH700X Grey143024TD$11214
TecVision XH800X ALR143024TY$11214
TecVision XH900X ALR143024TE$11214
TecVision MS1000X ALR143024TC$11214
TecVision CS1000X ALR143024TA$11214
TecVision CS1200X ALR143024TB$11214
TecVision XT1000X White143024TF$11214
TecVision XT1100X White143024TG$11214
TecVision XT1300X White143024TH$11214
TecVision XT1600X White143024TJ$11214
TecVision XT1800X White143024TK$11214
Format: NTSC
7'50" x 66 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB143012$5808
Grey XH600V143012FB$6680
Pure White XT1300V143012FN$6680
CineFlex CH1200V143012CB$6388
CineFlex White XT700V143012CD$6388
TecVision XH700X Grey143012TD$6696
TecVision XH800X ALR143012TY$6696
TecVision XH900X ALR143012TE$6696
TecVision MS1000X ALR143012TC$6696
TecVision CS1000X ALR143012TA$6696
TecVision CS1200X ALR143012TB$6696
TecVision XT1000X White143012TF$6696
TecVision XT1100X White143012TG$6696
TecVision XT1300X White143012TH$6696
TecVision XT1600X White143012TJ$6696
TecVision XT1800X White143012TK$6696
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB143013$6233
Grey XH600V143013FB$7168
Pure White XT1300V143013FN$7168
CineFlex CH1200V143013CB$6856
CineFlex White XT700V143013CD$6856
TecVision XH700X Grey143013TD$7515
TecVision XH800X ALR143013TY$7515
TecVision XH900X ALR143013TE$7515
TecVision MS1000X ALR143013TC$7515
TecVision CS1000X ALR143013TA$7515
TecVision CS1200X ALR143013TB$7515
TecVision XT1000X White143013TF$7515
TecVision XT1100X White143013TG$7515
TecVision XT1300X White143013TH$7515
TecVision XT1600X White143013TJ$7515
TecVision XT1800X White143013TK$7515
10'72" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB143014$6533
Grey XH600V143014FB$7513
Pure White XT1300V143014FN$7513
CineFlex CH1200V143014CB$7186
CineFlex White XT700V143014CD$7186
TecVision XH700X Grey143014TD$8378
TecVision XH800X ALR143014TY$8378
TecVision XH900X ALR143014TE$8378
TecVision MS1000X ALR143014TC$8378
TecVision CS1000X ALR143014TA$8378
TecVision CS1200X ALR143014TB$8378
TecVision XT1000X White143014TF$8378
TecVision XT1100X White143014TG$8378
TecVision XT1300X White143014TH$8378
TecVision XT1600X White143014TJ$8378
TecVision XT1800X White143014TK$8378
11'78" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB143015$7380
Grey XH600V143015FB$8487
Pure White XT1300V143015FN$8487
CineFlex CH1200V143015CB$8118
CineFlex White XT700V143015CD$8118
TecVision XH700X Grey143015TD$9544
TecVision XH800X ALR143015TY$9544
TecVision XH900X ALR143015TE$9544
TecVision MS1000X ALR143015TC$9544
TecVision CS1000X ALR143015TA$9544
TecVision CS1200X ALR143015TB$9544
TecVision XT1000X White143015TF$9544
TecVision XT1100X White143015TG$9544
TecVision XT1300X White143015TH$9544
TecVision XT1600X White143015TJ$9544
TecVision XT1800X White143015TK$9544
150"87" x 116"Matt White XT1000VB143016$7743
Grey XH600V143016FB$8905
Pure White XT1300V143016FN$8905
CineFlex CH1200V143016CB$8518
CineFlex White XT700V143016CD$8518
TecVision XH700X Grey143016TD$10435
TecVision XH800X ALR143016TY$10435
TecVision XH900X ALR143016TE$10435
TecVision MS1000X ALR143016TC$10435
TecVision CS1000X ALR143016TA$10435
TecVision CS1200X ALR143016TB$10435
TecVision XT1000X White143016TF$10435
TecVision XT1100X White143016TG$10435
TecVision XT1300X White143016TH$10435
TecVision XT1600X White143016TJ$10435
TecVision XT1800X White143016TK$10435
15'108" x 144"Matt White XT1000VB143017$8367
Grey XH600V143017FB$9622
Pure White XT1300V143017FN$9622
CineFlex CH1200V143017CB$9204
CineFlex White XT700V143017CD$9204
TecVision XH700X Grey143017TD$12514
TecVision XH800X ALR143017TY$12514
TecVision XH900X ALR143017TE$12514
TecVision MS1000X ALR143017TC$12514
TecVision CS1000X ALR143017TA$12514
TecVision CS1200X ALR143017TB$12514
TecVision XT1000X White143017TF$12514
TecVision XT1100X White143017TG$12514
TecVision XT1300X White143017TH$12514
TecVision XT1600X White143017TJ$12514
TecVision XT1800X White143017TK$12514
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