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Sizes, Part Numbers and Prices for Cineperm

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Designed for maximum versatility, Cineperm offers an economical, fixed screen that can be wall-mounted or suspended from a ceiling. The screen snaps onto the frame without the use of tools, resulting in a perfectly flat viewing surface for sharper image quality. A black vinyl border is included for a modern, theater-like appearance.
Size DiagonalImage AreaSurface MaterialPart NumberU.S. Retail Price
Format: 16:10
67"35 1/4" x 56 1/2"CineFlex CH1200V251060CB$1000
Matt White XT1000VB251060$832
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251068$958
CineFlex White XT700V251060CD$1000
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251060SC$1040
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$867
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251060SA$916
76"40" x 64"Matt White XT1000VB251061$884
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251069$1016
CineFlex CH1200V251061CB$1060
CineFlex White XT700V251061CD$1060
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251061SC$1104
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$920
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251061SA$972
85"45" x 72"Matt White XT1000VB251062$1014
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251070$1166
CineFlex CH1200V251062CB$1216
CineFlex White XT700V251062CD$1216
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251062SC$1266
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1055
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251062SA$1116
94"50" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB251063$1158
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251071$1330
CineFlex CH1200V251063CB$1388
CineFlex White XT700V251063CD$1388
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251063SC$1448
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1207
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251063SA$1274
109"57 1/2" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB251064$1426
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251072$1640
CineFlex CH1200V251064CB$1710
CineFlex White XT700V251064CD$1710
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251064SC$1782
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1485
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251064SA$1568
113"60" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB251139$1464
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251140$1686
CineFlex CH1200V251139CB$1758
CineFlex White XT700V251139CD$1758
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251139SC$1832
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1527
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251139SA$1610
123"65" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB251065$1608
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251073$1850
CineFlex CH1200V251065CB$1930
CineFlex White XT700V251065CD$1930
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251065SC$2010
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1675
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251065SA$1768
137"72 1/2" x 116"Matt White XT1000VB251066$1718
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251074$1976
CineFlex CH1200V251066CB$2062
CineFlex White XT700V251066CD$2062
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251066SC$2148
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1790
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251066SA$1890
165"87 1/2" x 140"Matt White XT1000VB251067$2078
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251075$2390
CineFlex CH1200V251067CB$2494
CineFlex White XT700V251067CD$2494
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251067SC$2598
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2165
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251067SA$2286
Format: HDTV
65"31 3/4" x 56 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB250124$832
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250130$958
CineFlex CH1200V251032$1000
CineFlex White XT700V250124CD$1000
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250124SC$1040
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$867
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250124SA$916
73"36" x 64"Matt White XT1000VB250125$884
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250131$1016
CineFlex CH1200V251033$1060
CineFlex White XT700V250125CD$1060
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250125SC$1104
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$920
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250125SA$972
82"40 1/2" x 72"Matt White XT1000VB250126$1014
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250132$1166
CineFlex CH1200V251034$1216
CineFlex White XT700V250126CD$1216
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250126SC$1266
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1055
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250126SA$1116
92"45" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB250022$1158
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250092$1330
CineFlex CH1200V251022$1388
CineFlex White XT700V250022CD$1388
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250022SC$1448
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1207
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250065$1274
100"49" x 87"Matt White XT1000VB251121$1258
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251124$1448
CineFlex CH1200V251126$1510
CineFlex White XT700V251121CD$1510
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251121SC$1574
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1312
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251123$1384
106"52" x 92"Matt White XT1000VB250023$1426
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250093$1640
CineFlex CH1200V251023$1710
CineFlex White XT700V250023CD$1710
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250023SC$1782
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1485
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250066$1568
110"54" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB251127$1464
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251130$1686
CineFlex CH1200V251132$1758
CineFlex White XT700V251127CD$1758
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251127SC$1832
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1527
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251129$1610
119"58" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB250120$1608
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250123$1850
CineFlex CH1200V251031$1930
CineFlex White XT700V250120CD$1930
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250120SC$2010
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1675
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250122$1768
133"65" x 116"Matt White XT1000VB250024$1718
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250094$1976
CineFlex CH1200V251024$2062
CineFlex White XT700V250024CD$2062
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250024SC$2148
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1790
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250067$1890
161"79" x 140"Matt White XT1000VB250025$2078
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250095$2390
CineFlex CH1200V251025$2494
CineFlex White XT700V250025CD$2494
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250025SC$2598
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2165
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250068$2286
193"95" x 169"Matt White XT1000VB251109$2606
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251112$2998
CineFlex CH1200V251114$3128
CineFlex White XT700V251109CD$3128
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251111$2866
220"108" x 192"Matt White XT1000VB251115$3046
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251118$3504
CineFlex CH1200V251120$3656
CineFlex White XT700V251115CD$3656
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251117$3350
Format: NTSC
6'43" x 57"Matt White XT1000VB250011$784
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250084$902
CineFlex CH1200V251011$942
CineFlex White XT700V250011CD$942
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250011SC$980
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$817
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250011SA$862
6' 6"47" x 63"Matt White XT1000VB250012$866
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250085$994
CineFlex CH1200V251012$1038
CineFlex White XT700V250012CD$1038
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250012SC$1082
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$902
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250012SA$952
7' 6"54" x 72"Matt White XT1000VB250013$1040
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250086$1196
CineFlex CH1200V251013$1248
CineFlex White XT700V250013CD$1248
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250013SC$1300
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1084
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250013SA$1144
100"60" x 80"Matt White XT1000VB250014$1156
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250087$1328
CineFlex CH1200V251014$1386
CineFlex White XT700V250014CD$1386
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250014SC$1444
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1204
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250063$1272
10'72" x 96"Matt White XT1000VB250005$1426
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250078$1640
CineFlex CH1200V251005$1710
CineFlex White XT700V250005CD$1710
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250005SC$1782
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1485
ClearSound White Weave XT900E250064$1568
11'78" x 104"Matt White XT1000VB250016$1608
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250088$1850
CineFlex CH1200V251016$1930
CineFlex White XT700V250016CD$1930
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250016SC$2010
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1675
150"90" x 120"Matt White XT1000VB250007$1718
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250080$1976
CineFlex CH1200V251007$2062
CineFlex White XT700V250007CD$2062
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250007SC$2148
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1790
15'108" x 144"Matt White XT1000VB250009$2078
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V250133$2390
CineFlex CH1200V251009$2494
CineFlex White XT700V250009CD$2494
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V250009SC$2598
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2165
200"120" x 160"Matt White XT1000VB250019$2518
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251058$2894
CineFlex CH1200V251019$3020
CineFlex White XT700V250019CD$3020
Format: CinemaScope
90"35" x 83 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB251141$1646
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251141FB$1894
CineFlex CH1200V251141CB$1894
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251141SC$2058
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1715
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251141SA$1810
116"45" x 107 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB251035$1752
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251043$2014
CineFlex CH1200V251035CB$2014
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251035SC$2190
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$1825
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251047$1928
134"52" x 124"Matt White XT1000VB251036$2156
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251044$2480
CineFlex CH1200V251036CB$2480
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251036SC$2696
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2247
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251048$2372
150"58" x 138 1/2"Matt White XT1000VB251037$2384
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251045$2742
CineFlex CH1200V251037CB$2742
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251037SC$2978
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2482
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251049$2622
155"60" x 143"Matt White XT1000VB251133$2626
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251134$3020
CineFlex CH1200V251133CB$3020
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251133SC$3284
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2737
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251137$2888
168"65" x 155"Matt White XT1000VB251038$2826
Pure White XT1300VCall
Grey XH600V251046$3250
CineFlex CH1200V251038CB$3250
ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V251038SC$3532
ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E$2944
ClearSound White Weave XT900E251050$3108
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