Scissor Lift SLX


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The Scissor Lift SLX features three sets of scissors that provide lateral and front-to-back projector stability with a 350-pound (158 kg) lifting capacity that makes it an ideal option for heavier projector applications. The SLX offers longer extension positions for show and service to provide ease of access for projector maintenance. Available with models that vary in maximum lifting capacity and extension to service positions.
  • Maximum lifting capacity up to 350 lb (158 kg).
  • Seven models available: 10' (305 cm), 12' (366 cm), 14' (427 cm), 17' (518 cm), 21' (640 cm), 24' (732 cm), and 28' (853 cm) extension capacity.
  • Optional Environmental Airspace Housing to isolate projector from environmental airspace above ceiling.
  • Optional ceiling closure panel available in white (standard) or black.
  • Ceiling finish kit optional. Kit includes ceiling trim ring and closure panel.
  • Optional universal-style bracket for projector attachment to lift.
  • Installation of factory installed cables for video and projector control available.
  • Wall switch and service key switch standard. Optional IR or RF.
  • Lift finish available in white (standard) or black.

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Scissor Lift SL


Dimensions (WxD) Max Projector Size (WxD) Weight Capacity Lowering Distance Form Factor Unit Weight
Scissor Lift SLX 39 1/2" x 39 1/2" 35" x 35" 350 lbs. 120" - 336"
Scissor Lift SLX with large closure 40 9/16" x 46 9/16" 35" x 41" 350 lbs. 120" - 336"


Retail Pricing Table

Display part numbers with 110V or 220V motors.

ModelMax. Lowering
Retracted HeightShipping
Weight (lbs.)
Part No.
110 V
U.S. Retail
SLX1010’7"14 1/8"343300250$7111
SLX1414’2"16 3/8"301300251$7910
SLX1717’8"18 5/8"335300252$9430
SLX2121’3"20 7/8"364300253$10187
SLX2424’9"23 1/8"395300254$12087
SLX2828’5"25 3/8"425300255$13511

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