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Curved Projection Screens Fixed Projection Screen

Draper has 6 projection screens available with curved frames.
  • Clarion and Onyx projection screens featuring Vel-Tex covered extruded aluminum frames
  • Lace & Grommet with curved frame
  • VersaRoll Rear Projection Screen
  • Shadowbox and Edgeless Clarion

Why Curved?

Curved projection screens offer several key advantages over flat projection screens. A curved screen helps offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens, and also wraps the image around your periphery more than a flat screen for greater engagement with your projected image. In addition, the curved image is subject to less ambient reflected light from your room, while your projector’s light is more accurately reflec

  • Curvature

    The curve is defined by its radius in feet. Draper’s curved screens are available with a standard radius of 40’ (1219cm). Custom radii are available—call Draper for consultation.

  • Size ranges

    • Curved Onyx is available in sizes up to 19’ (579cm) wide.
    • Curved Clarion is available in sizes up to 13’ (396cm) wide.
    • Lace & Grommet is available up to 100' (305m) wide
    • VersaRoll is available up to 30' (914cm) wide
    • Custom sizes are available—contact Draper for details.
  • Mounting Brackets

    • All standard curved screens include a set of mounting brackets: two brackets to attach the center of the curve to the wall at the top and bottom, and two extension brackets to attach the sides.
    • For custom curves and special applications, floor or ceiling brackets may be needed. Call Draper for consultation or custom mounting requirements.
    • For Shadowbox and Edgeless Clarion brackets may vary in size based on height and width ratios
    • Unless otherwise specified a typical install includes wall mount brackets
  • This product is available in many configurations, please contact Draper for pricing and ordering assistance.

CAD Files

CAD (dwg) files for standard sizes


This product is available in many configurations, please contact Draper for pricing.

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