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RPX Precision

The Draper RPX/Precision offers the world’s most precise image alignment capabilities in a custom-built rear projection system. Why is that so important?

Today’s digital projectors often allow little or no electronic image position adjustment. Therefore, precise physical positioning of the projector becomes critical in aligning and edge matching side-by-side images, and even in precisely locating a single projected image.

With incredible accuracy, the fine tuning capabilities of the Draper RPX/Precision Alignment Platform gives you isolated adjustment of each individual projector in all six axes: height, front-to-back position, side-to-side position, pitch, roll and yaw.

Draper’s unique Alignment Platform will allow sin

Viewing surfaces available:

CAD Files

CAD (dwg) files for standard sizes


The selections you have made do not reflect a standard product. This combination of features may be available as a custom or configured product. Please contact Draper for assistance.

Draper manufactures custom size screens to meet your specification. Virtually any size within the maximum shown for a given model is available. Please call for pricing on special sizes.
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