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Product Description

Cinescreen rear screen projection screen features the ability to enhance or lower brightness or contrast, providing excellent uniformity and visibility over a wide range of viewing angles. Choose between a line of diffusion screens with either a transparent substrate of plate glass (Cineglass), or clear acrylic (Cineplex) with a permanently bonded optical coating. Three optical tint and coating choices of white, neutral grey, and high contrast with varied gains (1.0, 1.3, and 1.5) are available. Select the right combination to formulate the best possible image quality for any rear-projection application.

Product Specs

  • Cineglass recommended for maximum sound isolation, scratch resistance, and service life. Flatter than acrylic in large sizes, providing better image resolution. Weighs approximately twice as much as acrylic, breaks more easily, should be installed by a glazier.
  • Cineplex is lightweight, durable, break resistant, and easier to install. Requires more care in cleaning as acrylic scratches more easily than glass. Less soundproof than glass. Not recommended for multiple projector installs.
  • Available in both acrylic and glass substrates in ¼” (6 mm), 3/8” (10 mm), and ½” (13 mm) thicknesses or VersaRoll.
  • Three optical tint choices: white, neutral grey, and high contrast with varied gains (1.0, 1.3, and 1.5).
  • Single element rear projection screen.
  • Unlike Fresnel/lenticular screens, CineScreen Rear Screens do not have a fixed focal length, so there are no focal length incompatibility issues.
  • Can be used in our MultiScreen System, RPX/Complete, or any of our videowalls in conjunction with our Projector Support Structure. Not recommended for use with ultra short throw projectors.
  • Factory-installed Cineframes are also available to simplify installation.
  • Contact Draper for best gain and tint recommendations for your application.

Warranty Document

Warranty PDF Warranty

CAD Files

CAD (dwg) files for standard sizes

Sizes, Part Numbers & Prices


This product is available in many configurations, please contact Draper for pricing.

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*Valid in the United States and Canada. Our warranty information can be found here.
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