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Mirror Manager

Product Description

Lining up the rear projection images across a videowall system is a challenge, and may even be the work of several days. Mirror Manager is Draper's innovative solution to that problem. The Mirror Manager may be used anywhere a Draper first surface mirror is installed.

Product Specs

  • The Mirror Manager may be used as part of a Draper RPX Rear Projection System, MultiScreen System, Projector Support Structure or anywhere a Draper first surface mirror is installed.
  • With Mirror Manager, the final image adjustments are quick and easy. After you have adjusted all the larger controls: the projector, its platform, and mirror position, then Mirror Manager goes to work.
  • Using its hand-operated knobs, you can quickly fine-tune the image to eliminate barrel and pincushion distortion and just to square up the corners.
  • The mirror remains securely mounted in a black anodized extruded aluminum frame.
  • Mirror Manager saves installation time and money—and improves the image—by actually bending the mirror in tiny, highly controlled increments.
  • Use eight knobs around the perimeter to make the precise adjustment you need.
  • Mirror Manager should be used only for those minor tweaks that look so easy and take so long without it.
  • First surface mirrors are delicate and we recommend you use our Mirror Cleaning Kit. Contains cleaning solution, cotton gloves, lint-free cloth and instructions.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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