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IRUS Rear Projection Screen

The IRUS Rear Projection Screen (Infinite Resolution Uniformity Screen) is specifically designed for blending and wide viewing applications. Unique antiglare finish on glass or acrylic substrate with 0.7 gain and 180° viewing cone. IRUS is an improvement for every rear screen application, but is particularly suited for blending images. The IRUS provides unbeatable uniformity of the projection image from top to bottom and from center to corner, free of hot spots.
  • Today's projectors offer higher resolutions than ever before, which means more information for your audience to absorb. Draper's screens are up to the challenge.
  • Unbeatable uniformity of the projected image from top to bottom and from center to corner, free of hot spots.
  • Unlike Fresnel/lenticular screens, the IRUS does not have a fixed focal length, so there are no focal length incompatibility issues.
  • Gain .7
  • 180° viewing cone.
  • Available in both acrylic and glass substrates in ¼” (6mm), 3/8” (10mm), and ½” (13mm) thicknesses
  • Single element rear projection screen
  • Sizes through 177" (450cm) diagonal.
  • Can be used in our MultiScreen System, RPX/Complete or any of our VideoWalls in conjunction with our Projector Support Structure.
  • Factory installed Cineframes® are also available to simplify installation.

CAD Files

CAD (dwg) files for standard sizes


This product is available in many configurations, please contact Draper for pricing.

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