Glossary of Window Shade Terms

  • Ball Stops

    Upper and lower stopping limits for bead chain clutch shades.
  • Bead Chain

    Operating chain for clutch shades.
  • Bead Chain Connector

    Metal piece to connect ball chain
  • Bracket

    Mounting point for shade. Use the term "bracket" when providing shade without fascia or headbox.
  • Bracket Cover

    Decorative cover for brackets.
  • Ceiling/Wall Headbox

    Consists of decorative front fascia panel and top back cover. Shade is accessible by removing front fascia.
  • Chain Hold Down

    Safety device to keep chain taut.
  • Coupler

    Allows one motor or crank to operate multiple shade fabric bands.
  • End Cap with Fascia or Headbox

    End caps provide mounting point for shade, and attachment point for fascia/headbox. No brackets are needed when end caps are used.
  • End Cap Cover

    Decorative cover for endcap.
  • Fascia

    Decorative aluminum shade cover.
  • Multi-banded

    Two to four bands of shades operating on a single motor.
  • Pocket Style Headbox

    Four sided cover intended for recessed installation. Shade is accessible from the bottom. Illustration
  • Railroad/Transverse

    Width of window is greater than width of fabric. Pieces of fabric are rotated, seamed horizontally and trimmed to the correct width. In some cases several pieces may be seamed together to cover unusually tall windows. Not all fabrics are suitable for seaming.
Roll Illustration
  • Reverse Roll

    Fabric is rolled off front of roller, away from window.
  • Seams

    Two pieces of fabric joined together to make larger piece. All Draper seams are heat sealed.
  • Single-banded

    One band or shade operating on a single motor.
  • Slat bar

    Bottom shade weight which are enclosed in a neat sealed hem.
  • Stay

    Metal strip to minimize fabric curling or for fabric retention in side channels.
  • Standard Roll

    Fabric is rolled off back of roller, close to window.
  • "U" Channel

    21/2" x 1" side channel for fabric.