Bottom-Up FlexShade®


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ADEX Gold 2015Winner of the 2015 Gold ADEX award.

Unlike traditional shades, Draper’s Bottom-Up FlexShade® provides privacy without eliminating natural daylight. Draper’s new Bottom-Up FlexShade® utilizes natural daylighting to its fullest extent, while protecting work surfaces near the windows from harsh glare and excess heat. The shade rises from a roller at the bottom of the window sill. It blocks the sun’s rays at the bottom of the window, while allowing daylight to pass comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window. By reducing glare and heat, the Bottom-Up FlexShade® promotes a comfortable work or living environment.

Bottom-Up FlexShades feature tensioned draw cables that lift the shade, allowing for consistently smooth operation and even, secure lifting of the shade fabric. Draper offers three unique Bottom-Up FlexShade systems to meet your needs: Motorized, Motorized Dual Roller and XD Clutch.

  • Promotes energy savings by reducing heat while providing natural daylight to the room. Less artificial light and cooling are required.
  • Available in large sizes through 12’ by 12’
  • Motorized or manual operation available.
  • Available with brackets, small or large fascia, or with a surface headbox. A pocket style headbox is not recommended for the bottom roller.
  • Hardware finish choices are: clear anodized (standard), ivory, charcoal bronze, white and black available
  • This product can be ANSI/WCMA A100.1-202 compliant for areas where small children are present. Details here.


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